10 Bizarre Facts About Celebs That You Didn’t Know

Everyone has their eccentricities. Some are open about it while others are quite secretive about their weirdness. It’s always advisable not to dig deep into anyone’s closet to save yourself from shocks. But our curious nose forces us to do it anyway especially when it comes to celebrities. It’s hard to process that the faces that are so perfect on the screen have creepy interests. Who knew that behind those glamorous makeup and designer outfits hid some of the darkest and freakiest secrets? Here are 10 bizarre facts about celebrities that you didn’t know.

Nicolas Cage

We don’t know how, but Nicolas Cage always ends up in our list of bizarre facts and hobbies. After all, the man once owned a dinosaur skull and a pet octopus. He is undoubtedly a terrific actor with some quirks. While our diet checks the carb or fat count, Nicolas Cage’s diet takes the animal sex factor into consideration. According to reports, he only consumes animals such as fish and poultry that mate in a “dignified” manner.

Demi Moore

Have you ever been fond of dolls and stuffed toys? Did you ever enjoy these dolls staring at you at night with a resting smile? Well, actress Demi Moore is a doll enthusiast. She has a collection of over a thousand dolls and Barbies and pays a curator to maintain them. According to her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, Demi had so many dolls that she could have her own doll museum. Perhaps, she spends her leisure time having a tea party with her poised and creepy dolls dressed in lace gowns.

Chris Pratt

Star-Lord aka Peter Quill from “Guardians of the Galaxy” can have eccentric habits because he grew up surrounded by alien creatures. But what explanation can we have for Chris Pratt? The MCU star loves to collect dead bugs and even bonded with his ex-soul mate and wife Anna Faris because she too shared the same interest. Sorry, Mantis!

Steven Tyler

Bizarre Facts About Celebs
Bizarre Facts About Celebs

This list would seriously make the characters of “Guardians of the Galaxy” uncomfortable. While Chris Pratt collects dead bugs, iconic musician Steven Tyler reportedly wears a necklace made out of raccoon’s teeth. Well, the singer says that he wears it for good luck. Sorry Rocket!

Jason Segel

Bizarre Facts About Celebs
Bizarre Facts About Celebs

We don’t know how Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother” would feel about this but Jason Segel loves to collect puppets. His passion is evident when you look at his home which is full of puppets, including one of himself. The cast of HIMYM is fascinating with Neil Patrick Harris as a magician and Jason as a puppet collector.

Katy Perry

Can’t figure what is more shocking and creepy! Collecting locks of hair or the fact that it’s the famous and gorgeous Katy Perry who does it? Yes, even beautiful, talented, and wealthy people can have creepy interests. The pop princess, Katy likes to keep the hair of people she meets or befriends. She also asked for Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift’s hair after they spent some time. What she does with them is a mystery.


The music mogul Jay-Z holds the digit four very dear to him. His birthday falls on 4th December and he is so passionate about the number that he reportedly went vegan for 22 (2+2+?) days before his 44th birthday. So, can we expect a fourth Jr. Carter in line?

Quentin Tarantino

How would you feel if one of your colleagues, business partners, or bosses had a collection of your pictures and achievements at home? Your heart would probably pop out while you’ll run in the opposite direction. Well, John Travolta must be rather honored to have the great director, Quentin Tarantino maintain John Travolta memorabilia. It has his movie posters and also miniature dolls of his famous characters. The two talented artists have worked together for “Pulp Fiction”.

Marlon Brando

Bizarre Facts About Celebs
Bizarre Facts About Celebs

Watching fish in an aquarium or birds fly often works as therapy for us. It calms our mind and enhances mindfulness. But the legendary actor Marlon Brando relished in something more peculiar. After all, celebrities are bound to be different from us. “The Godfather” star liked to watch tens and hundreds of tiny red and black ants crawl up to his sink for hours and hours. We wonder if his resume read “ant watching” under hobbies.

Mike Tyson

Don’t go with what “Hangover” showed you. Mike Tyson may be fond of a lot of luxuries but his love for pigeons is pure. He keeps several pigeons as his pets and is thankful to them for his career. He says that he got into his first fight because of a pigeon. Tired of pigeons invading your AC ducts and windows, only to forget their way later? Send them to Mike Tyson.

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