18 Unanswered Mysteries In The MCU That We Want To Be Explained

Marvel Studios has taken the superhero genre to an unprecedented success that no one could ever dream of. Today, this genre is considered the most profitable business in Hollywood. Everyone tries to follow the steps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but cannot beat the benchmark. MCU has skillfully woven the threads of thriller, action, sci-fi, comedy, and emotions into one another to deliver the perfect movie. Its ability to link each of its movies and maintain the continuity has kept the fans hooked. But even this franchise has goofed up in some cases that have left the audience with head-scratching questions. Find out the 18 unanswered mysteries in the MCU that we want to be explained.

 1. Hulk On Sakaar

Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

The last time Hulk was seen before Thor: Ragnarok was in Sokovia where he ditched Black Widow and took off in his Quinjet. And later he gives us a pleasant surprise on planet Sakaar where he was held captive as a Gladiator. But many of us couldn’t understand how Bruce Banner flew through galaxies in a Quinjet to reach there.

 2. Why Didn’t Loki Mind Control Cap

Loki had previously jacked Hawkeye and Erik Selvig’s minds with the Sceptor. He was holding the same Scepter when Captain America went to attack him. But instead of ending it in a second by mind-controlling Steve Rogers, Loki kept proving his strength. Why?

 3. Tony Handed Defense System To A Teen

Despite knowing so many worthy candidates with experience, knowledge, and loyalty, Tony decided to hand over EDITH to a teenage boy he has known only for a year. EDITH had access to missiles and other satellite-based defense systems. Peter isn’t old and mature enough to vote or get married.

 4. Why Did Thanos Let Go Off Mind Stone?

Loki was sent to Earth with the Scepter containing the Mind Stone in The Avengers to get the Tesseract and summon the Chitauri army. In the next film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see Thanos planning to land on earth himself and obtain the Mind Stone and the Space Stone. So, basically, Thanos gave away the one Infinity Stone he had to Loki so he could go back and fight for it again.

 5. Why Didn’t Fury Call Captain Marvel in The Avengers?

Unanswered Mysteries In MCU
Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

Nick Fury kept a pager with him to call Captain Marvel whenever earth was subjected to a threat involving intergalactic species. Clearly, Loki and the Chitauri army planning to attack the planet was a Captain Marvel level threat. Then why did Nick Fury only call the Avengers and not Captain Marvel? Moreover, it was the first time the Avengers had assembled to fight aliens. They had no experience in that department.

 6. Hank Pym’s Tech

Pym’s rival, Darren Cross stole Pym’s technology to produce his version of Ant-Man and become the Yellowjacket. Fortunately, Scott Lang’s Ant-Man manages to destroy the systems that stored Hank Pym’s formula and notes on the shrinking suit. But it seems bizarre that Darren Cross didn’t store such valuable information elsewhere.

 7. All Vibranium In A Prototype

MCU Deleted Scenes Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

Vibranium is a rare and valuable metal that Howard Stark got in limited supply. Yet, a genius scientist like him thought of expending all of it on a prototype Shield.

 8. Dr. Erskine’s Notes

Ever since Red Skull laid hands on his previous works and misused them for his benefit, Dr. Erskine stopped recording any information or experiments. He made the Super-Soldier Formula and conducted the experiment without writing any notes. So, the government invested in one person for such an essential project and had no access to information to refer to in case the experiment didn’t succeed on the first go.

 9. SHIELD and Tesseract

SHIELD obtained the Tesseract decades back and evidently performed experiments with it through the years. The project in The Avengers to develop weapons with the Tesseract was titled “Phase Two”. Will we ever discover everything that SHIELD did with the Tesseract after all?

 10. Fake Wakanda

According to Ulysses Klaue, there was a fake Wakanda that the world knew about while the real one kept itself concealed. So, who were these poor people who had to leave their technologically-advanced country and live in distress to fool the world?

 11. Cap Hid Flash Drive In Vending Machine?

Unanswered Mysteries In MCU
Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

The flash drive that Nick Fury gave to Captain America before “dying” had valuable information about Project Insight. Therefore, it had to be kept away from the wrong hands. So where does Cap hide it? In a vending machine that is used by everyone every day.

 12. Arnim Zola and Tesseract

Arnim Zola went through a great deal of trouble with his drones to kill his algorithm fixed targets. But with his access to SHIELD, he could have used the Tesseract to develop and source the weapons.

 13. Falcon’s Suit

After Sam’s partner, Riley gets killed in mid-air during a mission in Afghanistan; he asks Cap and Black Widow to lay hands on the last remaining EXO-7 suit for flight. Riley didn’t die from any glitch in the suit, then why did they stop producing more pieces?

 14. Why Didn’t Dr. Strange Reveal The Victory Scene

Doctor Strange saw millions of outcomes of the Infinity War against Thanos and learnt that the Avengers would win in only one of them. But he doesn’t share that outcome with Tony Stark. He could have given him some head start.

 15. What Happened To Goose?

Unanswered Mysteries In MCU
Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

The feline disguised, Goose was last seen in Captain Marvel throwing up the Tesseract from its mouth. It’s scratching out one of Fury’s eyes also explained the mystery behind Nick Fury’s eye. But where did the deceiving alien go after that? Is it still with the SHIELD?

 16. Mar-Vell’s Engine

The Kree used a wormhole transportation system that allowed them to simply jump from one planet to the other. Yet Mar-Vell spent all her precious time in creating a light-speed transportation engine with the help of Tesseract for the Skrulls.

 17. How Did Adrian Toomes Get The Chitauri Tech?

Toomes lost everything in business after Tony Stark’s company snatched his contract to clean up after the Battle of New York. This turned Toomes into a Vulture who took the Chitauri technology with him. But how did he lay hands on the weapons that are protected by the government and Stark Industries?

 18. What Happened To Tony And Barnes?

Unanswered Mysteries In MCU
Unanswered Mysteries In MCU

Captain America: Civil War ended with a rough fall out between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers over the latter’s best friend, Bucky Barnes. Tony was furious after learning that Winter Soldier had killed his parents. Even though Captain America managed to protect Bucky from Iron Man’s wrath, he couldn’t save Bucky’s metallic arm. They went their separate ways since then and reunited later to fight against Thanos. What happened between Tony and Barnes at last, we’ll never know.

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