10 Insane Theories About Thor Are Shockingly Believable

Creating a Marvel superhero world with suspense, drama, comedy, action, and fantastic visuals has attracted a sea of loyal fans from across the globe. It’s not just the product i.e., the movie that makes it a hit but the whole journey of MCU that keeps the fans engaged. Right from the teaser, to comic con, Easter eggs, and post-credits, fans are invested. Such marketing techniques compel fans to also build Marvel theories. Getting involved with the characters encourages them to put on their thinking caps and find explanations for incomplete or unanswered plots. One of the most popular MCU superheroes is Thor who is taking forward his journey from Phase 3 to Phase 4. Being on the screen for about 10 years has raised many questions surrounding Thor’s story. So fans have come up with their own wild stories which might possibly be true. Find out the 10 insane theories about Thor that are shocking believable.

Odin Subdued Thor’s Powers

Avengers: Endgame Marvel

Thor had been in countless fights over the millennium and we witnessed some of the intense once in Avengers movies. Then, why did Thor summon his thunder powers only at the end of Ragnarok? According to some fans, Odin had held back Thor’s true powers just like he had imprisoned Hela to keep his children turning dangerous. Just like his spell on Hela and Thor’s Mjolnir broke after his death, it must have released Thor’s controlled powers.

Why Thor Looked Different From His Siblings

Theories About Thor Believable
Theories About Thor Believable

Thor was the only one who looked like Odin and Frigga with his blonde hair and light-blue eyes. Many fans suggest that Hela was Lady Death’s daughter and not Frigga’s. The fact that she is the Goddess of Death supports that theory. When Thor and Loki face Hela for the first time, only Thor looked the odd one while Loki and Hela looked pretty similar. We know that Loki was an infant when Odin brought him from Jotunheim and adopted him. While changing Loki’s Jotun form to Aesir’s appearance, Odin uses his powers to make Loki resemble his lost child, Hela. Since Hela was locked up that time and he didn’t know if he’d ever see her, Odin gave black hair and green eyes to Loki just like Hela’s.

Why Mjolnir Smashed Through Doctor Strange’s Walls

Doctor Strange 2 The Ancient One

We had seen in previous MCU movies like “Thor: The Dark World” how Thor’s Mjolnir could move around the corner and take turns to avoid any collision on its way. Yet, Thor’s hammer smashed through Doctor Strange’s walls in the Sanctum Sanctorum of New York when he summoned it. Thor definitely did that on purpose because he was miffed with Strange constantly teleporting him.

Thor May Have Fought Vampires

Theories About Thor Believable
Theories About Thor Believable

Thor had read about Dark Elves but was surprised when he learned that they really existed. The same shock wasn’t seen on Thor’s face when Korg mentioned Vampires. Not just that but Thor also agreed when Korg mentioned that vampires must be defeated with wooden stakes It is a confirmation that vampires exist in the MCU and Thor has fought them in the past.

Thor Could Be Turning Into Santa

This theory sounds pretty wild but not improbable. In “Avengers: Endgame”, Thor is dealing with the loss of Asgard and his defeat in Infinity War. He drowns in his sorrows and keeps drinking beer all day. He hasn’t trimmed his hair or beard for years and has grown a huge belly. His new look reminds us of none other than Santa Claus. This isn’t a bizarre idea given how he must have gotten access to Odin’s magic powers by wielding the Stormbreaker aka King’s weapon. According to myths, Odin used to turn into Santa and visit earth on his eight-legged horse (8 reindeers?).

Stormbreaker To Combat Thor

It is believed that Stormbreaker was created not as Thor’s weapon but as something to keep a check on his powers. Odin saw some similarities between Thor and Hela. Thor’s passion for power and conquer could have descended him down the path of darkness and vain. Stormbreaker was the tool that was way more powerful than Mjolnir and could have fought Thor if needed. As the name suggests, it could break the storm.

Thor Would Have Snapped His Mother Back

Remember how Tony asked Hulk to only snap back the people who were snapped at the Infinity War and no one else? That’s because bringing Vision or Black Widow back would have changed the course of time. Even though Thor insisted on using the Infinity Gauntlet, Tony didn’t trust him for his current condition. He may have assumed from Thor’s emotional status that he would have brought his mother back.

Thor Created Stormbreaker To Control His Powers

In “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Thor’s vision created by Wanda showed how Thor’s lightning powers accidentally blew up an Asgardian. The same thing happens at the end of “Thor: Ragnarok” when Thanos’ ship arrives. Thor loses control over his powers and destroys some Asgardians with his powers by mistake. Perhaps, Thor forged a new weapon in order to control his powers.

Hela and Loss of Mjolnir Made Thor Worthy of Throne

Avengers: Endgame Thor Valkyrie
Avengers: Endgame Thor Valkyrie

The Thor we met in the first phase of MCU and the Thor by the end of MCU Phase 3 are poles apart. From being a power-hungry brat in Thor 1 he transformed into a humble and wise leader by Endgame. It wouldn’t have happened without his battle against Hela without his Mjolnir. Fighting his enemy without his weapon taught him courage and saving Asgardians at the cost of Asgard and asking for a new home on earth instilled humility in him. Who would have expected Thor to be wise and humble enough to trust Valkyrie and give his throne to her? Only a wise and king and a good leader will choose the best for his people above his vanity.

Thor’s New Eye Made It Hard To Aim

Theories About Thor Believable
Theories About Thor Believable

Thanos telling Thor that he should have aimed for his head had haunted Thor for years since the events of Infinity War. According to theories, Thor may have aimed for the head only but missed it because his aim was compromised by the new eye.

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