MCU Theory: How Loki Will Join The Heroes In Thor 4

Loki Join In Thor 4:

Loki is one of those characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the fandom loves to hate. It is his sly attitude and the sultry portrayal by Tom Hiddleston that makes Loki a truly iconic character. His aura carries with it some masterful moments and some less than tasteful actions. The motivations of this character have been largely covered by shadows during the happenings of the infinity saga. But ever since Avengers, fans have continued to express love for the character every time he appears on the screen. Even when he’s engaging in disdainful acts of debauchery there is something pleasing about the character, something endearing about Tom’s portrayal of the villain.

Loki is fun to watch even if he’s asking us to get down on our knees asking to swear fealty or if he’s being beaten up by the Hulk. The character has placed himself in the memory of the fans via his cunning attitude, truly a God of Mischief. Perhaps because of all of the above reasons, Loki is the only villain/anti-hero to receive his own series come Marvel’s Disney+ productions. The Cinematic Universe is set to expand into the online streaming service and Loki is the center attraction for all of this. Tom Hiddleston has garnered a wide fan base. A fan base that if harnessed correctly by those at Marvel Studios could effectively guarantee success for the Disney+ shows.

Loki’s disregard of rules is widely accepted and often notoriously celebrated; it is expected to be even more accentuated in the Disney+ “Loki” as the show covers the escapades of the villain well before his redemption arc in the marvel cinematic universe. The people at marvel studios used the excuse of time travel and plucked Loki out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline at a point when he was most interesting. The Avengers’ Loki had a slyness about him that has since been lost to the greater storytelling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but all this is set to change with the advent of the streamable content by Marvel Studios.

What is even more interesting is the slew of trailers marvel has thrown our way when officially giving the audiences the first look into the state of things in the marvel cinematic universe post endgame and far from home. After 23 movies of character development, we have firmly reached a point where we are ready for character expansion in earnest. We are ready to have characters from different timelines collide and find themselves in shambles at not being able to recognize them so dear to them. This is the reason it is being widely theorized that Loki will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. But the problem is that Loki from the prime timeline is dead so the only Loki who can appear in Thor 4 is the one from Disney+ shows.

It is prudent to mention here that this is a mere theory at this point, one without any significant substance or strata of evidence, but one with a very compelling premise. It would be definitely entertaining to see a fully-realized Thor ( beyond his character development) come face to face with a Loki who is still evil and has never tried to be anything else even when working for the time variance authority. There are two ways how this could play out in the marvel cinematic universe leading up to Thor 4.

The first theory is quite straightforward and most likely the one that will become reality. It is speculated that the Disney+ show Loki will see the villain fight a great many time anomalies trying very hard to fix them and during the close of the series Loki will find out what happened in the prime timeline (the infinity saga) and choose to go find his brother.

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The second theory is a little wackier, it suggests Loki will hunt for Infinity Stones and his meddling with the timeline will create a massive rift in timelines that will lead to the events of Thor: Love and Thunder. If you ask me, it is quite possible that the first one is the one that actually happens although the second one seems way more interesting to me as a comic fan, what will actually happen? Only the writers know.

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