10 Dangerous Action Scenes Where The Hero Should Have Died

Movies are not meant to be watched with logic. The beauty of watching fictional thrillers or fantasy adventures is that anything is possible in this world. However, the directors should acknowledge some realism in their stories so the audience can relate to the intensity of the moment. How on earth will we feel the thrill if we know that the hero won’t get a scratch from an explosion? We will promise to not raise questions about fictional stories as long as the writers and filmmakers base it on the science of our universe. The heroes in action movies didn’t even get a scratch from fatal stunts and blasts, let alone dying from it. Here are the 10 dangerous actions scenes where the hero should have died.

Batman Begins

Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows had planned to contaminate Gotham City’s water supply and vaporize the toxic water in the city. They used a power machine called the microwave emitter that had the ability to vaporize the water supply. That is so powerful that it should have exploded Batman and the people in the city since they are also made of water.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Mindblowing action is inevitable in action movies such as Indiana Jones. But the protagonist and his company on the raft surviving the great fall off the riff and landing on the wild river was absolutely impossible and ridiculous. It’s rather hilarious how the raft landed all balanced on the river instead of turning upside down in midair.


The protagonists in Twister took shelter under a tin roof to protect themselves from tornados. Even though they managed to from being pulled into the tornado, it’s impossible how they weren’t touched by the violently flying metal debris.


Dangerous Action Scenes
Dangerous Action Scenes

In Skyfall, James Bond wasn’t shot with any bullet but with depleted uranium which is used to power nuclear reactors. These bullets are highly sharp and flammable.  Bond was not only penetrated with it from a long distance but also fell straight from a giant train bridge and hit the water. Even if he would have miraculously survived the bullet used in wars, he couldn’t have made it after the fall.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones decided to hide inside a refrigerator to protect himself from an explosion ad radiation. The fridge of that era was impossible to open from inside. So, Indiana would have anyway frozen to death. Moreover, the fridge would have crashed and severely injured Indiana by the way it landed.

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith

Obi-Wan and Anakin were literally standing near molten lava during an energy-consuming fight. How they focused on the combat while being surrounded by lava when their skin and eyes would have burnt in seconds, let alone ignited completely. It does look cool on the screen but it’s just impossible to digest.

Casino Royale

Dangerous Action Scenes
Dangerous Action Scenes

James Bond made a world tour in 10 seconds as his car flew off the road and flipped several times. This took place when James Bond was almost about to run over Vesper Lynd. But Bond is a man of steel (or not). He somehow managed to get out of it totally unaffected.

The Avengers

Black Widow’s durability, strength, and powers were enhanced in the Marvel comic books. But none of it happened to her MCU counterpart. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was a spy and assassin who was well-trained in combat. That makes her easily susceptible to attacks, injuries, and a lot many things that the Avengers face during their fights. Yet, she managed to jump off Captain America’s Shield and grab on the Chitauri vehicle without losing her balance and getting a scratch.

The Day After Tomorrow

Dangerous Action Scenes
Dangerous Action Scenes

The Day After Tomorrow is about a man traveling all the way home to save his son from an approaching ice-age. The mortality rate of brave soldiers posted on high altitudes is high every year due to the blizzards. And here Jake Gyllenhaal was covering his head with a hoodie during an ice age.

Spider-Man 2

No matter how strong Spider-Man is, he wouldn’t have survived the iconic train scenes. He may have had strong physiology but unless he had elasticity, he would have been torn in half.

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