Do You Know What Your Favorite MCU Hero Says About You?

Your Favorite MCU Hero:

Watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over 10 years has built a strong connection between us and the characters. We have seen the origin stories of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc., so many times that it now feels like we have known them personally. The reason why fans invest so much time and emotions in these superheroes is that they feel relatable. For instance, Iron Man and Thor may be superheroes and demi-God, respectively, but they too have flawless imperfections.

Most of the time, we grow fond of the characters that we find the closest to our personalities. There are also times when we like the characters that we aspire to be. But our choices and favorites speak volumes about our personality traits. Even the choice of color indicates a lot about a person. Now let’s dive into the characteristics of the popular Marvel characters and navigate them through your personality traits.  You might discover that the MCU heroes you like the most and quite relatable. Do you know what your favorite MCU hero says about you? It’s okay if you find bits of yourself in every character. Let us know which Marvel character you are like.

 1. Star-Lord

Your Favorite MCU Hero

If you relate to Star-Lord, you might find people getting you wrong at times. You protect your emotions with fun and enthusiasm, but deep inside, you are old-school and listen to your heart. Without caring about the consequences and dangers, you are ready to help others.

 2. Black Widow

Avengers Endgame Black Widow Captain America Soul Stone

If you relate to Black Widow, you are a confident person who wouldn’t get deterred no matter how hard someone tries. You are the silent and calculative person to the world, but your loved ones, you are fun and warm. You have a heart that cares for others in need but you don’t let emotions cloud your decisions. The world thinks you are comfortable with yourself, but in reality, you may have your own thoughts and doubts to fight every day.

 3. Ant-Man

If you relate to Ant-Man, you are often not taken seriously by people. It looks like you take things lightly because of your sense of humor during off situations, but you do put in your dedication to the people you care about. You can be a bit awkward sometimes and run out of the right words to speak, but your wit is always on fleek. You have the brains and potentials to stand out if you drive them in the right direction.

 4. Loki

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If Loki is your guy, then you will rarely show your weakness. You use humor as your shield and don’t mind appearing as the bad guy as long as your weaknesses are hidden and people value you. Being calm yourself, you enjoy poking and troubling the ones who get easily bothered. But troubling them is your way of showing love. However, understanding responsibilities may be challenging for you! Even though you relish in watching others in trouble, goodness can be drawn out of you during a crisis.

 5. Wanda

Your Favorite MCU Hero

You like Wanda, then you have a calm exterior with a hurricane of emotions inside. Loyalty and trust mean more than anything to you. You are reserved and may not open up to people easily but when you do, you’d go to the end of the world for them. You have a free spirit and don’t mind revolting against what’s wrong (after some hesitation and over-thinking).

 6. Captain America

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If you understand Captain America the most, then you are likely to share his traits. You are the most polite and moral in the group but sometimes your politeness is confused with your weakness. But you always surprise people with your honesty and bravery to stand for what’s right. You may be present in the 21st century but your heart belongs to a time when being good wasn’t a virtue but a very common characteristic.

 7. Iron Man

Your Favorite MCU Hero

Even though every MCU fan’s favorite is Iron Man, only a few would strongly relate to him. If you see yourself in Tony Stark and legit feel for him, you too use humor as a defense mechanism. You feel responsible for everyone and everything around you and therefore never show your worries and stress to others even if it eats you up from within. Being this good doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy admiration. You love getting attention and being lauded by everyone. Furthermore, you have an inquisitive mind that never gets quenched.

 8. Hulk

Dear Hulk fans, people might look up to you as someone who is calm and all sorted out, but deep within you have trouble dealing with your emotions and anger. Yet you try desperately hard to control your weakness and live up to the mature and intelligent image.

 9. Spider-Man

Favorite MCU Hero

If you relate you Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, you are an introvert who is loyal to his one-two friends. Whether you have the expertise or not, you dive into tasks as a dedicated student or subordinate so you don’t leave a bad impression. You may not many friends and be a bit of a nerd, but you have a warm and generous heart.

 10. Captain Marvel

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As Captain Marvel admirers, you might jump to action before thinking and analyzing. Despite nursing a bucket full of emotions in your heart, you don’t let them impede your tasks. You are brave and don’t shy away from voicing your opinions for the right cause. But sometimes your strong-headedness can come across as intimidating and get you misunderstood.

 11. Doctor Strange

X-Men Join MCU Doctor Strange

If Doctor Strange is your idol then you are a go-getter. No matter how much something frustrates you; you will overcome the challenge and give more than 100% to complete the task. Even if something tries to break you down, your spirit and determination will always come out strong.

 12. Black Panther

Black Panther 2 Villains

As a Black Panther fan, you have great leadership skills. You try to exercise your powers justly and respect and value your subordinates. You can be defined as generous, humble, headstrong, and a bit reckless.

 13. Thor

Favorite MCU Hero

If you are a Thor fan, you may feel that you walk around with a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. You think that things can’t run smoothly if you are not there to watch or control. You wear emotions on your sleeves which makes you good-hearted but also reckless sometimes. It’s simply easy to make you happy or agitated no matter strong you show that you are.

 14. Hawkeye

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Your Favorite MCU Hero

Hawkeye hasn’t gained as many fans as the other heroes because he doesn’t have superpowers. So, if you still like him despite his lack of powers, you have an eye for diligence and perseverance. You prefer relying on your skills and hard work rather than sit and complain about not having the privileges. You are a go-getter and don’t mind taking the longer and tougher route as long as you reach your goal. Furthermore, when it comes to your loved ones, you don’t see anything above and beyond them.

 15. Gamora

Your Favorite MCU Hero
Your Favorite MCU Hero

If Gamora is your favorite, then you are like a lone warrior. You don’t hesitate from speaking your mind and calling out the ones who are wrong, no matter whether they are family or loved ones. You are a closed book, who watches everyone and analyzes the situation without revealing much about yourself. Despite your hard exterior, you have a caring and motherly heart.

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