10 Unsung Warriors In The MCU Who Deserve Recognition

MCU has pushed out 23 movies in the past 12 years. Each film had its own battle to be fought and its own mission to be accomplished. Many Marvel characters have contributed to stopping evil but only the superheroes get away all the credit. Being the front-line warriors makes the lead heroes worthy of praise and attention but let’s not forget that they couldn’t have saved the world had it not been for the supporting characters. Perhaps, these characters did not necessarily do the heroic stunts or blow punches, but each of their support was valuable in the process. Here are the 10 unsung warriors in the MCU who deserve recognition.

 1. Abraham Erskine

Unsung Warriors In The MCU
Unsung Warriors In The MCU

Erksine was the man behind the Super Soldier formula. But we are not crediting him for creating the formula that transformed the scrawny Steve Rogers into the hunk superhero, Captain America.

Erskine should be rewarded for seeing the superhero inside Rogers when he was a skinny little man. Erskine said, “The serum amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse.” Choosing Steve was his wisest decision as the wrong man could have brought devastation. He didn’t create Captain America but he found the Captain within Steve Rogers, the man who saved the world on countless occasions.

 2. Maya Hansen

Maya was led to a villainous path after she and Aldrich Killian were rejected and mocked by Tony Stark in some way. The two brilliant scientists formed the AIM to create a replica of the Super Soldier Formula called the Extremis.

Unsung Warriors In The MCU
Unsung Warriors In The MCU

She helps Killian in absconding with Pepper Potts so she could blackmail Tony into stabilizing their dangerous formula. After Tony convinces her that it was wrong and explains to her the fatal consequences, she goes against Killian. She tries to make things right in the end but gets killed in the process at the hands of her former partner, Killian.

 3. Yinsen

Biggest Sacrifice in MCU

There wouldn’t have been any Iron Man and probably no Avengers had Yinsen not given his life for Tony. Tony Stark was oblivious to the consequences of the weapon production of Stark Industries until he was kidnapped by the terrorist organization in Iron Man. He never knew a life beyond wealth, pleasure, and luxury before meeting Yinsen.

Both Yinsen and Tony were held captive by the Ten Rings organization to create weapons for the terrorists. Spending so much time together brought them closer but only one of them could escape out of it alive in the end. Yinsen sacrificed his life by distracting the terrorists so Tony could free himself. His last words “Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your life” made a hero that day.

 4. Frigga

Frigga fought bravely against Algrim but had already foreseen her death in Thor: The Dark World. We learnt about it in Avengers: Endgame when Thor took a trip to the past to retrieve one of the Infinity Stones. She caught her son sneaking around in the palace and understood that he came from the future by merely exchanging a few words.

Frigga had grown up with witches and therefore stayed absolutely calm on meeting her worn-out son from the future and on already knowing about her inevitable demise. The events of the Ragnarok, the loss of Loki, and the Infinity War had completely torn Thor from inside. He was physically joining the battle again but wasn’t there mentally. All he needed was his mother’s encouragement to get his mojo back. Without Frigga, Thor wouldn’t have gotten his hope and motivation back.

 5. Maria Rambeau

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was gifted with explosive powers that enabled her to go one-on-one with the Krees, Thanos, and Chitauri. But Maria was an ordinary woman with extraordinary dedication and bravery who went against the Kree species and rescued the Skrulls. She allowed her old pal Carol Danvers and Nick Fury to stay at her house even though it was risky for her and her daughter.

 6. Helen Cho

Unsung Warriors In The MCU
Unsung Warriors In The MCU

Avengers: Age of Ultron projects the creators of the villain, Ultron as the superhero when the real hero was Helen Cho, the woman who created the end of Ultron, Vision. Before creating Vision, Dr. Cho retrieves Hawkeye’s senses with the help of her tissue regeneration cradle.

She was later kidnapped by Ultron who commanded her to develop an upgraded body for him, only to be fiercely turned down by the scientist. He then resorted to mind-control to get the job done. But when Wanda snapped away from the mind control, Helen went against the evil android and stopped his transfer to the new body. This moment not only created Vision’s body but also prevented Ultron from becoming too powerful to be defeated even by the Avengers.

 7. Erik Selvig

Thor couldn’t have knocked off the Dark Elves without Selvig. One can say that Selvig was the real hero in Thor: The Dark World but then movies are used to deeming muscular and gifted men as superheroes. After recovering from Loki’s mind control, Selvig was blabbering things about convergence which seemed garbage to some people initially, thus throwing him into an institution.

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

But as his team of scientists rescued him, they realized that Erik was talking sense. He forewarned Thor, showed him the convergence point and created devices that helped him defeat the Elves.

 8. Eitri

Eitri and his fellow dwarves were universally known for their incredible forging skills quite literally. When their tales reached Thanos’ ears, he landed on Nidavellir to make them forge the Infinity Gauntlet. The Mad Titan arrived like a hurricane and destroyed everything on his return. All the dwarves were killed after forging the gauntlet and Eitri was the only survivor.

Peter Dinklage Return as Eitri in Thor 4

He was drowning in depression and hopelessness when Thor showed up and promised to make things better. Eitri fought his mental demons and produced one of the mightiest and most powerful weapons, Stormbreaker for Thor. Eitri’s creation could have easily won the battle had Thor aimed for the head.

 9. Heimdall

Unsung Warriors In The MCU
Unsung Warriors In The MCU

Heimdall always saved Asgard from threats but never got the credit that he deserved. He bravely fought Loki in Thor and the Dark Elves in The Dark World. But his biggest contribution was in the events of Ragnarok. The people of Asgard couldn’t have been saved and given a new home without Heimdall’s courage.

He guided the refugees of Asgard to hide from Hela’s wrath and at the same time contacted Thor to help him escape from Saakar. Heimdall also displayed quick thinking when he sent Hulk back to Earth on time so he could give a heads up to the Avengers and explain everything.

 10. Nicodemus West

Dr. Nicodemus West was ridiculed and berated by his senior, Dr. Strange since day one. Stephen may have been better than West at his work but he was never humble about it. After Strange met with a car accident, West conducted an 11-hour surgery to pull Strange out of death’s grasp. But instead of showing gratitude, Stephen reprimanded him for failing to fix his hands. Well, in the end, even magic couldn’t fix his arm 100%.

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