10 Hidden Details About Ultron That MCU Fans Noticed

Hidden Details About Ultron:

Before Thanos, one of the most menacing and sinister villains was Ultron, both in movies as well as in comic books. In fact, Thanos thought that he was right in bringing balance to the universe, but Ultron wanted to destroy the human race completely. Wiping out mankind from existence was his way of bringing peace. And he didn’t seek for Infinity Stones to turn people into dust painlessly; he wanted to smash down Sokovia like a comet.

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Ultron was an android created by Tony Stark that ended up becoming a sentient being itself. Being an AI made him super intelligent and a few steps ahead of everyone. There are plenty of small elements around Ultron that make him even more interesting. Find out the 10 hidden details about Ultron that MCU fans noticed

 1. Ultron Modelled After Tony

Ultron’s ideologies ran parallel to that of Tony in terms of bringing peace. That’s Wanda indicated towards Tony when she said “Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it, where do you think he gets that?”

Tony had modeled Ultron after himself but he didn’t repeat the same error for Vision. Vision turned out to be more angelic than Captain America because he was modeled after the Stark’s loyal servant from the Marvel comics, Jarvis.

 2. Peter Parker Finds Ultron’s Weapon

Ultron had built a lethal device to pick and drop Sokovia on Earth. That device was later found by Peter Parker when he was going through the debris in his backpack.

 3. Ultron’s Face Plate

Hidden Details About Ultron

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we saw a damaged faceplate on one of Tony’s bots being thrown away after arriving at the Stark tower. This was the same “hand-me-down” used by Ultron for his first appearance.

 4. Vision’s Head Resembles Ultron

The vision was created by Ultron so he could transfer himself into Vision’s body. Even though Vision and Ultron are poles apart as angels and evil, respectively, Vision bore some similities to the villain. His head resembled Ultron’s face. Maybe Ultron chose it on purpose as an homage to his first appearance.

 5. Ultron Warned About His Plans

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Ultron didn’t understand the difference between brining peace and wiping out mankind. His primary aim was to destroy all the humans and begin the rise of bots. How did he plan to do it? By lifting Sokovia and hitting it back on Earth like an asteroid and wipe out human-like dinosaurs (sort of since the asteroid that hit dinosaurs released a million times more energy). Ultron forewarned his diabolical plan when he said “When the Earth starts to settle, God throws a stone at it.” Interestingly, destruction by Thanos too involved “stones”.

 6. Instant Kill Mode

Hidden Details About Ultron
Hidden Details About Ultron

Iron Man fans are well aware of the ‘Instant Kill Mode’ uploaded in Tony’s systems. The same Instant Kill was also seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming when Peter accidently turned it on. This Instant Kill Mode turns the armor’s eyes red as seen on Spidey. These red eyes clearly resembled Ultron’s red eyes indicating his resting-instant-kill-face.

 7. Spider-Man Takes Out Ultron’s Head

This little detail threw us for a loop in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Not only did Peter make a throwback at Ultron by pulling out his head in the storage unit, but we also saw the big baddie’s eye glow red. This sparked a lot of theories amongst the fans but we are yet to learn more.

 8. The Last Ultron Sentry Killed By Vision

At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision kills the Ultron Sentry and wipes out the last bot that carried Ultron’s interface. This was the same bot whose shoulder was ripped by Captain America’s shield and thrown in the explosion of Sokovia. Yet the Sentry managed to survive the destruction and crawl his way up, only to get killed by Vision.

 9. Ultron’s Wife Jacosta Appeared

Hidden Details About Ultron
Hidden Details About Ultron

In the Marvel comics, Ultron’s love interest was another AI named Jacosta. The movie nodded at Jacosta’s existence when Tony was contemplating on his new AI. While he selected Friday, we saw other AIs, Jacosta, and Tadashi. Tadashi, as we know, is the character on which Big Hero 6 is based.

 10. Ultron Predicted His Own Death

Just like the android foreshadowed his plans to throw Sokovia on the face of Earth, he also gave a hint at his own death. However, it would be wrong to say that he “predicted” it. It was rather ironic that Ultron told Wanda “Everyone creates the thing they dread.” When he himself was killed by the one he created, Vision.

 11. Klaue Mentions Black Panther To Ultron

When Ultron shows interest to learn more about VIbranium and how to find it, Klaue shared his experience of laying hands on it. He points at a scar on his neck and says that the Vibranium “came at great personal cost”. Later we learn in Black Panther that he got it from T’Challa.

 12. Ultron’s Cheeks Disappear When Angry

Okay! It looks sort of creepy but do notice Ultron’s cheeks when he gets angry. His cheeks tend to disappear and emanate red light from his mouth. That’s an interesting way to tell us when the android gets angry since he doesn’t have eyebrows.

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