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6 Smartest Moves Made By The Riddler In The Batman

Matt Reeves brought a whole new rendition of the Riddler in The Batman. The past few times the character has managed to make an appearance, he was an absolute joke compared to what we got to see. Inspired by the Zodiac killer, Edward Nashton managed to be one of the darkest characters in the history of live-action Batman projects. This was helped by the fact that the movie actually saw him making moves that Batman wasn’t able to figure out. Let’s take a look at some of the moments in The Batman involving the Riddler, which proved to be extremely smart.

Making The D.A. Reveal His Lies

One of the most essential parts of the narrative of the movie has to be the fact that the Riddler made Batman aware of most of the problems in Gotham. If it wasn’t for him then the caped crusader won’t have investigated Iceberg Lounge and discovered the secret club. After this, he would find that District Attorney Gil Colson who was associated with Carmine Falcone’s mob circle. While he made the secrets about the others public in a different manner, he would use a completely different plan for Colson. He would make the corrupted public servant confess publicly about his lies.


Giving Batman The “El Rata Alada” Riddle

Riddler in The Batman

Considering this was quite early in Batman’s cases, he managed to make quite a few mistakes in the narrative. One of these had to be when the Riddler managed to send both Batman and Gordon on a wild goose chase with the mystery of “el rata alada“. The Dark Knight would make Penguin go through some serious interrogation in order to figure out the identity of “the flying rat“. But he would only be able to figure it out quite later that the “you are el” part was supposed to be a reference to a website URL. It goes to show that the Riddler is actually quite a lot more good with his riddles in comparison to what Batman might think of him.


Targeting Gotham’s Seawalls

Just when things appeared to have come to an end, the Riddler would come up with a bang. Batman himself considered that things had come to an end until he ends up discovering that Nashton had placed vans with bombs in the seawalls of the city in order to flood Gotham city. The bombs detonated and the city was flooded so fast that there was hardly any time to save the civilians. Even though Batman managed to make an effort in order to save them, it all ended up summing into proper chaos that would prove that the Riddler was a larger threat than they could have managed.


Making His Followers Carry Out His Plans

Even though it would appear as if the crimes of the Riddler had ended he had one massive final trick up his sleeves. While he was arrested and put into Arkham prison, he would require some help carrying out the final moves in his plans. Nashton managed to gather a sufficiently massive following for himself and this would actually lead to his own army. It is later revealed that around 500 acolytes had managed to gather around with his weapons and explosives. This only goes to show that he was always one step ahead of Batman and the police in order to make his moves absolutely unpredictable.


Making Sure Bella Reál’s Acceptance Was The Venue For The Survivors

Even though the entire Gotham was in complete chaos, it wasn’t the Riddler’s final move. Nashton had made his follower go through with the final part of the plan involved targeting the people who had gathered at Mayor-elect Bella Reál’s acceptance venue. The followers went in disguised as the Riddler and managed to indicate that this was the Riddler’s final move. It had to be one of the most desperate moments for Batman as they tried to prevent the attack from the Riddler’s army. If it wasn’t for Batman and Gordon nobody would have managed to survive the chaos that followed.


Forcing Gotham Into Martial Law

Riddler in The Batman

Around the final few moments of the movie, we discover the state of the mess that Gotham was now in. Bruce Wayne is heard making an entry into his journal regarding the challenges that lie ahead for putting together Batman from the shambles that is left. There are still some criminals while Gotham is in martial law and it only indicates the future of the narrative would be a lot darker than we might have imagined.

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