DC Comics Update – Snyder Has Planned The Future Entry of [SPOILER] To Justice League!

Mr. Snyder is currently on Cloud 9. After the success of his acclaimed Dark Nights: Metal bought DC back into the map as the leader of comic book publications, Scott Snyder has revealed his grand plans for the entire DC Universe after he was given free rein to do as he pleases for the future of the DC Comics Universe. And he has something truly spectacular in mind. In the near future, Scott Snyder intends to bring back a MAJOR DC Superhero back into the folds of the Justice League. Presenting – DC Comics Update – Snyder has planned the future entry of [SPOILER] to Justice League!!!

DC Comics has recently released their new take on the Justice league with the freshest take on their flagship superheroes hitting the streets this month. The writer has a vision for DC’s premier Superhero team and he has finally got the chance to explain how. In the latest Comic-Con International, Snyder slyly teased the return of a comic book superhero that had been lost to the sands of time. He teased many such returns of popular superheroes of the past but one such name was clearly the highlight of the talk.

He is heard saying and we quote:

Batman was amazing, and it was the ride of my life. Metal was insane. But now I have a good, long run where I have a two-year plan on Justice League up to about issue 45 or 50 where it all breaks loose and goes crazy,” he explains while sounding off a flurry of pieces that are soon to come in to play. “But having all these pieces from Adam Strange to Firestorm to Hawkgirl and Swamp Thing. And Will… Starman comes into it soon. All this crazy stuff comes in. We find the Martian keeper of secrets.”

When Scott Snyder mentioned Starman, the whole audience went crazy!!! A popular superhero of DC Comics that was yet to find a fan base in the new age 21st Century audience, Starman still resonates with a lot of diehard DC fans. There are still several iterations of Starman and we need to know who is actually going to step into the League. The one we are talking about is Will Peyton, the Starman of the 1980’s and the most successful version of the character. When asked which Starman character is coming to screen, Scott Snyder decided to give us an answer that did not divulge much. He said:


 “I don’t want to give away too much, because there are plans for different versions of Starman in different places,” he replied. “The JSA stuff is going to be going on with Ted Knight in some ways, and I don’t want to give too much away. I will just say that in Justice League #7, you will start to see that story begin to unfold, and he becomes a player along with Starro again. Starro – they find a tiny piece of him in a jar, and they always insult him by calling him Jarro.”

A horde of creators and writers have been hired to spread out the storyline and to make it an engaging and immersive experience for the readers.

“It’s been really fun. I’ve never been in this role where I get to be with my friends – with Josh Williamson and James Tynion and Rob Venditti and Joelle Jones and Bryan Hill – and be able to build it together and be the person who lays down the architecture for this stuff and watch how it fits together as they take these pieces and evolve them. What it’s all going to culminate to, and the way we’re pulling it forward…I really want readers to feel rewarded. I want them to feel that everything matters. Every little mystery we’re setting up in Justice League – and there are a lot. There’s a crazy lot.”

Fans might be having guesses whether it will be Will Peyton or someone else. Scott Snyder tells something really interesting and you might like what he has to say:

DC Comics Update – Snyder Has Planned The Future Entry of [SPOILER] To Justice League!

“I’m on issue #13 right now, and issues 12, 13 and 14 explain everything, and then we go even crazier past that. I just want you to feel like it is a rolling engine of fun, mystery and wonder. And each thing will pay off as we go,” he said. “One thing after another, it’s all available. There’s nothing where DC said ‘No.’ It’s just such a joy and an honor…I promise we’re taking it extremely seriously and giving it all we have. This is, we are in a room together planning what DC is going to do for two years…it’s honestly the most fun I’ve had at DC – from Metal to now. It’s not only the creative freedom they’re giving us, but the people there. It’s just such a fun room. I love doing it.”

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