‘Rocky IV’ Turns 35, And Stallone Claims He Was In ICU For 9 Days

‘Rocky IV’ turned 35 on 27th November 2021, and it’s still one of the fan’s favorite. Releasing in 1985, the plot revolved around a boxer who wants to take revenge from a Russian boxer to avenge his friend’s death which was caused by the boxer. Over the years it has kept his reputation as a successful sequel and establishing Sylvester Stallone as a fine actor, and he directed the movie as well. The movie grossed over $30 million and was considered a hit, and sits at a 6.9 IMDb rating.

As the movie turns 35, we have some interesting facts for you. In an old interview of Sylvester Stallone, he tells the interviewer that Dolph Lundgren’s punch put him in an ICU for 9 days. “I knew I was in trouble when I showed up and nuns met you at the ICU.”, said Stallone in the interview. On the day of the flight scene, Stallone urged Lundgren to forget the choreography and play free ball. This was said in order to make the fight look as real as it could be. “Just go out there and try to clock me,” Said Stallone during the interview.”For the first minute of the fight, it is going to be a free-for-all.”

After the fight, Stallone was feeling okay and even after a day too. But the next evening, he felt something eerie. Stallone rushed to see the footage to prove his suspicions right and there was it – the uppercut that damaged Sylvester which “caught the ribs and hit the heart against the ribcage.” The doctor told Stallone that this damage is usually caused by head-on collisions and Stallone wisecracked, “I said, ‘Close, I did hit a bus, of sorts.”

Rocky IV Stallone In ICU
Rocky IV Stallone In ICU

Dolph Lundgren, playing Captain Ivan Drago, is a Russian boxer who’s standing at 6’5’’ feet tall. When he first appears in the movie, he’s not less than a giant who’s bulky and fierce. Dolph Lundgren got his break from Rocky IV and has continued to star in more than 70 films and secure himself a career. In a different interview, Lundgren said, “All I did was obey orders,” Lundgren joked. “He was the boss. I did what he told me. We came back to L.A. and the producer was like, ‘Hey Dolph, you’ve got two weeks off — Sly’s in the hospital.”


Stallone has announced that the audience is going to get a brand new fresh director cut for the 35th anniversary, he said, “For the 35th anniversary, Rocky 4 Is getting a new director’s cut by me. So far it looks great. Soulful. Thank you MGM For this opportunity to entertain,” the actor said.

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