The New Suits of Spider-Man: Far From Home Revealed Through Statues

The first surprise we got from the sets of Spider-Man: Far From Home was the new stealth suit that Spider-Man is going to wear in the film. This suit has been inspired by Spider-Man: Noir comics but here it will surely be used for Stealth purposes, as revealed by the multiple set photos and videos that we got. Other than this, we will be getting the new Red-Black Spidey suit that will probably be a thing towards the latter half of the film.

New Suits of Spider-Man: Far From Home

The stealth suit for starters will be given to Spider-Man from the organization that Nick Fury & Maria Hill will be working for. We have seen those two in the set photos, so they must be working for either SHIELD or (as suspected by many theories out there) H.A.M.M.E.R. We finally have a detailed look at the suit, and it obviously has no Spider-Man insignia, but it has a vacant space for the logo of the organization that gives Spidey this new suit. This reveal comes from Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil. Have a look:

As you can see on the top left corner, the suit has a space for an emblem but that is certainly not revealed here because of spoiler prevention. Other than that, the suit does look pretty cool, different and unique. Some people may not be fond of it as it doesn’t necessarily give the Spider-Man vibe, but if you focus on the detailing and imagine the tech that will be involved with the suit, you’d be on board anyway.

It is padded up so our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gets extra protection against lethal weapons and ammunition. Other than that it has a utility belt and night vision goggles. This is surely a situation based suit and we know that it will come in play in a big action sequence around a Giant Wheel in Prague. That is probably where we will get to see the big bad of the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal in full Mysterio get up.

New Suits of Spider-Man: Far From Home

Moving ahead of this suit, we are going to get the Red and Black Spidey suit which the Web Slinger will carry to the third Spider-Man “Home” sequel. It is not very different from the Homecoming suit, and you could say that it does take a page out of the Iron Spider suit when it comes to the theme of the suit. Apparently, this suit was amongst one of the concept arts for Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War, and now we are actually getting this as a regular Spider-Man suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil also gives us a good look at this suit:

Spider-Man FFH Red and Black Suit from marvelstudios

This may look funny here, but don’t you worry about having to watch it in live action because Tom Holland, and the stuntman that will wear this suit are not as slim! This color pallet references the very first time when swung into the Marvel comics as his original costume was Red and Black.

New Suits of Spider-Man: Far From Home

It has upgraded web shoots. Because the Homecoming suit had its own AI and a lot of tech involved, we can only imagine that there will be a lot of that within this suit as well. Because, why would Peter wear a version of Spidey suit that is a complete downgrade? As far as the maker of this suit is concerned, we cannot be sure. We know that Tony Stark will not be around, but the fact that Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts are going to have an appearance could link this suit to them. Or someone like Shuri or Peter Parker himself could be the ones that designed this suit.

New Suits of Spider-Man: Far From Home

As far as we know till now, Spidey will surely have 3 suits in total for this film, but a rumor also suggests that there is a mysterious unrevealed suit which will only be unveiled in the film. But take that as a pinch of salt and nothing more.

New Suits of Spider-Man: Far From Home

Keep your eyes on the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer which has been confirmed to drop this weekend (most likely Saturday) following the Avengers 4 trailer. Perhaps the trailer could give us a look at one of these new suits. Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 5, 2019.

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