House of Cards Season 5: What All Can We Expect?

House of Cards is easily one of the most rivetings, and enthralling TV shows ever. Having completed its tumultuous and brilliant fourth season, it leaves fans clamoring for season 5. Here are some questions and expectations I have from the next season of House of Cards:

What’s next for the power couple?

Having lived life through deceit, lies, and manipulations, the power couple used to be one unit, always together, always strong. It was in this season that things took a turn, Claire turned against Frank and even ended up hurting his campaign. However, after Frank was shot, they made an agreement to work together as they too realized that their strength lies in unity. However, this season, things are getting out of hand, their lies, and threats, are slowly being exposed. What will they do to face this turn of events?

Tom- the reporter

Tom Hammerschmidt, Lucas’s former boss has done a lot of research and has joined many dots which clearly prove that Frank Underwood is indeed guilty of certain crimes. He even approached Frank in order to get more information. The meeting between the two did trigger some anxiety within Frank, however, he kept a cool façade. The question now is will Frank Underwood “get rid of” (read: kill) this menace in his path or will he bring him onto his team through bribery?

Remy and Jacky

Having pitched in with their comments about Frank Underwood for Tom’s article, do they really think they can escape and drive off into the sunset? I have a feeling they won’t feel so safe anymore. They’ll be sleeping with one eye open, that’s for sure. After all, the Underwoods don’t take kindly to people who betray or talk negatively about them.

The marriage of three?

In the middle of season 4, Frank gave Claire his.. um.. “blessing” or I should say permission to sleep with their speech writer Thomas Yates. They both acknowledged that she needed someone she could share an emotional and physical bond with since Frank clearly wasn’t providing that for her. However, that relationship too seemed a bit strained towards the end of the season. What will happen next? Will Claire use Yates merely for her physical needs or will she start confiding in him too? And where does that leave Frank? Will Claire and Frank ever go back to the powerful and united couple that they were in the first season? I only hope so!

Another love interest for Doug?

Aaah Doug Stamper, the moody guy with a soft spot for certain women. After the Rachel Posner chapter, we expected him to go on about his life, engrossing himself with work, but no. He met another woman, a woman whose husband died because of Doug who bumped up Frank Underwood on the organ donor list above the woman’s husband. Now will this relationship progress to another level? Will he ever reveal what he did? We can only wait and watch.

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