Spider-Man: 5 Things You Must Know About The Clone Saga

A sufficiently charming idea — the thought of what might happen if Spider-Man was cloned, and in the event that it got to be distinctly vague which Spider-Man was the genuine one — turned into a mess of unnecessary entanglements, chaotic storylines, and article shakeups. This turned out to be a full-time saga, liked and disliked by many. Check out these five things you should know about Spider-man clone saga.


Spider-Man: 5 Things You Should Know About The Clone Tale

Composed by Gerry Conway, the storyline includes the disclosure that the Jackal is Miles Warren, Peter’s teacher (the one who is quite obsessed with Gwen Stacy). In order to take revenge, Jackal kidnaps Peter and set him in a battle against his clone. Although eventually both of them teamed up and defeated Jackal. The clone also eventually dies. But is the clone really dead or what?

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