10 Characters In The MCU Who Are The Busiest

In this article, we are going to throw the spotlight on the Marvel characters who are tied up with millions of jobs. Even if they are not necessarily saving the universe, they are on their feet 24 hours. Some are fighting battles and secretly spying highly intelligent enemies, some run multinational corporations, while some have no count of time as they are inventing state-of-the-art tech while also saving the universe from intergalactic threats. Needless to mention, there are some heroes who are watching over, not one but, multiple universes at the same time. Marvel knows how to keep the characters’ hands full. But their pressure often gets overshadowed by the Avengers level threat from robots and intergalactic megalomaniacs. Today, we are going to focus on the 10 characters in the MCU who are the busiest.

 1. Clint Barton

Jeremy Renner MCU Characters MCU Busiest

Clint had a pretty normal family of three kids and a wife but his job wasn’t that normal and ordinary. Unlike the 9-5 jobs where the person comes home and spends time with his/her family, Clint has no particular timing in his battles. He goes on a dangerous mission every day, not knowing when he’ll return or if he’ll be back at all.

 2. Doctor Strange

Details About Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s job profile includes tasks that normal puny brains of ours will not comprehend. There are things beyond the realm of our reality that only the Sorcerer Supreme knows about. He protects our time and reality from inter-dimensional demons and threats that no strength or conventional heroic powers can fight.

 3. T’Challa

T’Challa aka Black Panther will tell you what multitasking really means. He is a king and a superhero who dedicates his strength and powers for the greater good. As the leader of his nation, he has to be quick on his feet and handle politics, rivalry, conflicts, and maintain smooth international relations. But brains aren’t enough for him as he has to push his abilities as a superhero and literally fight death.

 4. Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts was always on her feet as Tony Stark’s assistant since she looked after his personal and professional challenges. Eventually, she became the CEO of Stark Industries, a multi-billion dollar industrial corporation. Now Pepper is not only the head of such a large corporation but also a single mother with a superhero armor of Rescue. How can she manage all this in just 24 hours?

 5. Happy Hogan

Characters MCU Busiest

Happy has his hands full with a lot of things back at work while Tony goes out of space to fight villains. He was Tony Stark’s personal assistant and bodyguard which meant that he was swamped with a ton of responsibilities. Happy eventually became the head of logistics which was highly concerned with national security as he watched the safe transportation of Avengers’ weapons and valuable items. Despite all this on his plate, he voluntarily took the task to mentor a budding superhero, Spider-Man. And none of it discouraged him from running a relationship with Aunt May.

 6. Tony Stark

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Tony Stark doesn’t need his Iron Man suit to be called a superhero. He is a genius-level scientist who is passionate about inventing new technology for the betterment of the world. Tony wasn’t born with powers but used his intelligence and sleepless nights to become the self-made hero who saved the universe from Thanos. He didn’t stop at one suit but kept on inventing various upgraded versions of his armor. Along with that, he provided all the cutting-edge armors and weapons to the Avengers.

 7. Maria Hill

Running a wide, security, and anti-terrorism organization of national level is a job that leaves you with no sleep. On top of that, she is also assisting Nick Fury with his missions and plans that only she knows about most of the time. After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D, Maria began saving Avengers’ a** and helping them accomplish their goals.

 8. Nick Fury

Fury has his plate full of missions and adventures but he never shows it. He doesn’t reflect his stress but the man has his feet and hands spread across world politics, national security, intergalactic situations, and other secret missions that he alone manages. How a man can keep tabs on so many affairs and take on countless galaxy-level adventures without getting noticed is a mystery.

 9. Shuri

One MCU character who deserves more screen time, spotlight, and credit for her contribution is Shuri. Apart from taking up her royal duties on the political front, she spends most of her time inventing the latest technology that no one could ever think of. If there is one person who can take Tony Stark’s mantle, it has to be Shuri. She is a science wizard who can make the impossible happen. She is the brains behind most of the cutting-edge tech of Wakanda, such as virtual reality cockpits that can pilot real-life planes, most of T’Challa’s costume, etc. There can be no efficient superhero without the brains of Shuri.

 10. Carol Danvers

Characters MCU Busiest

After gaining her powers, Carol decided to extend her help to all the other planets in the universe as Captain Marvel. Though it wasn’t shown clearly as to what exactly she did in these decades that she didn’t return to Earth, it was indicated in Avengers: Endgame that she was busy looking after other planets. Back on Earth, even Marvel heroes are assigned with one country or city but here, Captain Marvel is protecting countless planets.

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