Captain Marvel Deleted Scene Becomes The New Target of Internet Trolls

Freedom was never this cheap. Yes, the meaning of freedom has changed, and, all the credit goes to the greatest invention ever by mankind ‘Social Media’. People recharge their smartphones but then switch off their brains with the license of freedom that they received by the license of data. Yes, things have changed and people find it cool to say bad things about others on social media. Before the release of Captain Marvel, the trolling pages tried their best in order to influence people against the movie, but, happily, people used their dust-covered brains finally. But, this time the trolling pages have again targeted the new deleted scene from Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Deleted Scene

Yes, we are talking about recently released deleted scene of the film. In the scene, we saw Carol trying her best to understand a map. When a guy comes there on his motorcycle and starts hitting on her. Captain Marvel gives such a bad stare that it’s easy, even for a small child, to understand that she’s not interested. But, the guy still pulls down the map and triggers Danvers. After this, Captain, in order to teach him a lesson, shakes his hand which brings him down to his knees. Then, Captain picks up some new clothes and that man’s motorcycle and goes away. Here’s the clip of the deleted scene we are talking about:

So, sadly now some internet trolls have crossed all boundaries of hatred and sensibility. As they’ve termed her as the villain and are saying that Captain Marvel did something really nasty with a man who was just asking for a smile. I think the trolling pages need to chill and visit a psychiatrist. Because no matter how baseless and insane their trolling topics are, there are some people who are getting influenced by their actions. So, it’s necessary to boycott pages like these.

What are your views on the claims of these trolling pages taking on MCU‘s strongest superhero unnecessarily? Tell us in the comments section down below.

Rishabh Naudiyal

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