The Biggest Marvel Movie Moments of Last Decade Ranked

Biggest Marvel Movie Moments:

The last 10 years have witnessed a huge shift in Hollywood. Ever since MCU has entered the ground, superhero movies have taken the front seat in the movie business. They have changed the way action and superhero movies were made. Marvel is successfully ruling the action, adventure, comedy, and emotional genre, all at the same time. While we were laughing, crying, and sitting on the edge of our seats during the first three phases, MCU was building its story for the future. The franchise has unfolded profound moments in dramatic as well as in subtle ways. Some of them were Easter-eggs, an homage to comic books, plot twists, and heartfelt moments.

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Our favorite heroes Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man have exited for the new heroes to shine. Now that MCU is ready to enter its next phase and the new decade, let us pay tribute to the marvelous ten years of MCU. Here are the biggest Marvel movie moments of the last decade ranked.

 12. Skrulls Are Still On Earth

Biggest Marvel Movie Moments

Another post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home that left our jaws dropped was discovering that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were Skrulls. The aliens who were introduced in Captain Marvel had shapeshifted themselves into the SHIELD agents while the real Nick Fury was in space on a mission. Various theories have emerged regarding Fury’s intention and plans. Moreover, we are yet to find out that to what extent Skrulls’ ‘Secret Invasion’ has taken place.

 11. Vision’s Emergence

The birth of Vision was a significant moment in the Marvel Universe. He had Ultron’s IQ and strength as an AI and the goodness of Jarvis, the loyal butler of the Starks. All this was amplified with the Mind Stone and made him one of the most powerful and worthiest superheroes.

 10. Thor’s Arrival On Earth

Before Thor’s arrival on Earth, the knowledge of the humans in the Marvel Universe was quite limited. Had Odin not banished Thor from Asgard, Earth wouldn’t have come across the world outside theirs. It was the dawn of MCU’s plan for phase 1-3. Thor introduced Jane to the Nine Realms, explained Asgard and another intergalactic history to the Avengers, and prepared them to fight the self-proclaimed Gods like Loki and the Chitauri army.

 9. A Rat Saves The Universe

Doctor Strange saw many possible realities where the Avengers would win the battle. No one knew that this ‘One’ possibility of the Sorcerer Supreme was relying on a rat. As this rat released Scott Lang from the Quantum Realm, the heroes learnt how to save the universe and redo everything. Moreover, the introduction of time travel will open gates to a plethora of MCU adventures and storylines.

 8. Spider-Man’s Identity Revealed

Biggest Marvel Movie Moments
Biggest Marvel Movie Moments

The end of Spider-Man: Far From Home left us with a huge cliffhanger. From J. K. Simmons reviving his role as J. Jonah Jameson to him revealing Spidey’s identity left our jaws dropped. We can’t even fathom how a teen boy like Peter Parker will cope with this revelation and the repercussions that will follow.

 7. Captain America Found

Captain America had sacrificed his life at the end of the first movie. He was the first living experiment of the Super Soldier Serum that many organizations tried to replicate but failed. When everyone thought that Earth will never find another Super Soldier, Captain America remerged from the frozen water after 66 years.

 6. Revelation Of Project Insight

Biggest Marvel Movie Moments

Captain America: The Winter Soldier had more realistic approach than any other superhero movie. It was a truly captivating spy-thriller that took MCU’s game a notch higher. As Steve Rogers and Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff navigate through Nick Fury’s death, they discover that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD long ago. It was quite mind-bending to see how much control Hydra had taken over in those years and the data it had collected on its future threats like the Hulk and Doctor Strange.

 5. Iron Man Takes Out The Nuke

Biggest Marvel Movie Moments
Biggest Marvel Movie Moments

Only Iron Man could pull off such a great act. Long before Thanos happened in Avengers: Endgame, Tony savagely saved Earth from another alien attack. Though the army of Chitauri was sent by Thanos, it gave him a clear message that attacking Iron Man’s home won’t be that easy. Not only did Tony prevent the nuke from exploding on Earth, he redirected it towards his enemy’s ship.

 4. The Ragnarok

Captain Marvel

The thing that Thor feared the most became the one that he was forced to create in the end. It was impossible for Thor to stop the Goddess of Death, Hela since she was more powerful. The only way to defeat her was by calling upon Surtur. Thor did win the battle against Hela but at the cost of losing his home, Asgard. Surtur dismantling Asgard and the 9 Realms was one of the biggest destructions since it was the home of Gods.

 3. The Final Battle In Endgame

endgame battle

The final battle in Avengers: Endgame was the moment we all were waiting for. MCU began building this moment years ago. All the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whom we watched closely throughout the years, finally united during the ultimate battle. It was a battle between the heroes of Earth and the evil souls of the universe. Powerful and gigantic weapons, spaceship, and intergalactic entities had threatened the planet, but the mighty Avengers from Captain America to Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, etc. wiped out Thanos and his army.

This battle also introduced the A- Force that can have a role in the future of MCU.

 2. Thanos’ Snap

It was the first time in the history of superhero movies that the villain won the battle. We couldn’t believe our eyes when Thanos was successful in snapping the Infinity Stones and wiping out half of the population. Even though the heroes saved everyone in Avengers: Endgame, the repercussions of the snap will be felt for ages. It would be more difficult for the ones who were left behind to deal with the loss in those five years.

 1. Tony Stark’s Sacrifice

Spider-Man: Far From Home Robert Downey Jr.

No hero has made as many contributions to society as Tony Stark. He used his resources and intelligence for the protection of mankind, and not to seize control. Even since Ho Yinsen died to save Tony’s life, the superhero dedicated that gift of life towards the planet. He has made great scientific discoveries like the arc reactor. In the end, Iron Man sacrificed his life so others on Earth could reunite with their loved ones.

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