10 Superhero Movies Where The Villain Had The Dumbest Plan

Superhero Movies Villain Dumbest Plan:

Some villains become fan-favorite characters due to their high intellect and genius schemes. They might be sinister and evil but the brains they put behind their twisting games are mind-blowing. Some villains stand at par with the superheroes even without any superpowers. All they need is a clever idea that gives the heroes the hardest time of their life. But evil characters have descended to illogical schemes that are impossible and make no sense. They have disappointed us and turned into a laughing stock. Today, we will be talking about the most foolish attacks on heroes. Find out the 10 superhero movies where the villain had the dumbest plan.

 1. X-Men

In order to put an end to the discrimination against mutants on earth, Magneto decided to give the leaders a taste of their own medicines. He devised a plan to transform the leaders into mutants and it could be executed by generating powers from Rogue and himself. But this process would have weakened Magneto, making it easier for the X-Men to rescue Rogue. Moreover, the plan was a flop because it would have killed the humans rather than transforming them.

 2. Justice League

In Justice League, the villain Steppenwolf has shown no brains of his own. Even Thanos in the MCU took years to craft his plan before attacking the universe. Apparently, Steppenwolf had attempted to conquer the world about a millennium ago only to be defeated by Atlanteans, Amazonians, and humans. This prompts him to wait until the right time arrived to strike back. So when does he return? After Superman’s death! Was he really waiting for Superman to first arrive on earth and then die before he could invade? The planet was Kryptonian free for many centuries and even its worst during the plagues. Is Steppenwolf also a procrastinator? Hi5!

 3. Man of Steel

Superhero Movies Villain Dumbest Plan

We wonder why Warner Bros. or anyone in the team didn’t question the script. Superman’s nemesis General Zod from Krypton who is hell-bent on transforming earth into a planet habitable for Kryptonians. Didn’t it occur to Zodd while fighting Superman that earth was already more than habitable for Kryptonians? In fact, their powers were enhanced from the sun of the planet, almost making them superheroes and Gods. Why didn’t he put his energy and mind into transforming some other planet instead of the one that’s already fine?

 4. The Incredible Hulk

Facts About Abomination

General “Thunderbolt” Ross common sense was clouded by his mission to stop Hulk. Despite knowing that Dr. Bruce Banner was a scientist who didn’t want to hurt anyone, Ross creates another monster who is more powerful and dangerous than Hulk. When Banner didn’t have control over himself, how did Ross expect to have control over Abomination? He anyway creates Abomination and puts the city in deeper peril by granting it with another monster.

 5. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Lex luthor Superhero Movies Villain Dumbest Plan

Lex Luthor is considered as one of the most brilliant minds to exist in the DC universe. He is always two steps ahead of the hero and before they know it, Lex has already executed his plan. But the BvS Lex was discounted to a basic villain to played schemes to bid two superheroes against each other. He had no explanation for this and no strong reason to back his theory that Batman could destroy Superman. After plotting like a “Gossip Girl”, Lex invests his mind into building Doomsday. Why didn’t begin with it in the first place? On top of that, a mastermind like Luthor didn’t foresee the connection of Martha between Superman and Batman.

 6. The Avengers

Thanos had to undergo a lot of pain and trouble to acquire all the six Infinity Stones. But the Mad Titan already had the Mind Stone in his possession since the beginning. Yet he gave his precious and the only Infinity Stone in his possession to Loki so he could summon the Chitauri army through the portal. And a few years later, Thanos travels to earth with his army to retrieve the same Mind Stone.

 7. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel Trailers

A super-intelligent android created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner gathers his own sentience and decides to wipe out humanity to attain peace. His masterplan involves separating Sokovia from the planet and throwing it back on earth. His scheme is influenced by the asteroids that wiped out dinosaurs once. Even if slamming a large piece of land is lethal to mankind, its impact wouldn’t be the same as an asteroid due to its speed and energy. The Chicxulub asteroid hit the earth with the energy of millions of nuclear weapons.

 8. Catwoman

Catwoman did an excellent job in becoming the worst superhero ever made. In fact, by winning the Razzie, it raised the bar really high. Apart from the disastrous action and visuals, the movie had a poor plot rooted from the villain’s tactless plan. Sharon Stone’s Laurel Hedare was a cosmetics businesswoman whose company was doomed to fail after the launch of her latest anti-aging product. It had a horrifying side effect where its users’ faces would turn into stone. And if they stopped using the cream, their face would get ruptured. Instead of taking it back, the unethical Laurel goes ahead with the launching and kills her husband. Her plans are inevitably thwarted by Catwoman which leads to her end.

 9. Superman

Superhero Movies Villain Dumbest Plan

The only Lex Luthor who left our jaws dropped with his plans is Jon Cryer in CW Supergirl. Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor of the original Superman movie turned out to be dumber than the general audience. In order to put a loophole, the director’s discounted the best villain’s intellect to a kid’s. To begin with, he sets off atomic detonators to drown California into the sea. Then he confines Superman with his Kryptonite necklace and leaves him under the watch of a woman whose mother is in California where the devices would blow up. Needless to say, she ends up saving Superman.

 10. Batman

Superhero Movies Villain Dumbest Plan
Superhero Movies Villain Dumbest Plan

In 1966 Batman, all the enemies of the Caped Crusader join forces and brains to kidnap his best friend. They kidnap Batman’s BFF Bruce Wayne so they could capture Batman. The genius villains blackmail Batman and wait for him the whole day in hope that he’d show up to save Bruce. On getting stood up, they let go of Bruce Wayne who returns as Batman and kicks their butt.

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