10 Harry Potter Characters Who Should Get Their Own Movie

Harry Potter Characters Get Their Own Movie:

The Harry Potter series has some great backstories that are so good that we wish we could find out more about those characters. There are so many characters that have amazing potential and abundant material to have their own books or movies. These characters may not always get too much time in the plot but they definitely deserve it. Here is a list of all the characters that we think should get their own book or movie:

 10. Rubeus Hagrid

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

If you think about it, Hagrid has had a very interesting life for sure. As a student, he was suspected to have opened the chamber of secrets and later his wand was confiscated for life. The half-giant then became close to Dumbledore and thereby became a gamekeeper at Hogwarts. He was also sent to Azkaban the second time the chamber was opened. He played a big role in the battle of Hogwarts and Harry’s life in general. He definitely deserves his own movie.

 9. Dobby

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

This may sound weird but hear us out. Dobby being an elf has led a life absolutely different from any of the witches and wizards on this list and who wouldn’t love to see it? Where did he come from and how did he end up serving the Malfoys? Dobby is one of the most loved characters of the series and therefore it is a no brainer that we all wish to learn more about his life and adventures!

 8. Regulus Black

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

So, we all know the secret of R.A.B and how he hid the original locket of Slytherin and tried to destroy it to bring down Voldemort, but do we know anything more? Regulus Arcturus Black was Sirius Black’s brother and was a death eater. Regulus soon realized how evil Voldemort was and then tried to defeat him alone and lost his life. He definitely deserves his own movie as we would love to see him on his quest to destroy the Horcrux.

 7. Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

It goes without saying that Dumbledore definitely deserves his own movie where we would like to see his life from childhood to adulthood and his glory. He had a difficult relationship with his family which would be fun to watch and of course the mystery of his sister Ariana’s death would be great to see get unveiled in the movie.

 6. Bellatrix Lestrange

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

It is safe to say that the back story of villains is always fun to watch and therefore we would love to watch Bellatrix’s story in a movie. The Black family is so mysterious and full of secrets that we wish to know more about the whole family but Bella’s life is definitely most interesting. How did a witch with a big family name turn into a maniac and the most loyal follower of the dark lord?

 5. Gellert Grindelwald

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

Grindelwald had an interesting childhood and when he befriended Albus Dumbledore, both of them learned from each other and became more powerful. However, Grindelwald’s thirst for power came in the way and they grew apart. He believed he was doing everything for the ‘greater good’ and ended up sacrificing a lot for it. This is a story worth watching on the big screen and hopefully, the Fantastic beasts series will give us just that.

 4. Tom Riddle

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

This is an obvious one as we all know that Voldemort’s story is super intriguing and even though we have seen and read bits of it in the Potter series, it would be great to have a whole film on his life and adventures. The journey from being Tom Riddle to turning into Lord Voldemort is pretty exciting and therefore it would be pretty epic for a movie.

 3. Minerva Mcgonagall

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

At first, she just comes across as a strict teacher but there is so much more to Minerva Mcgonagall and her depth is often missed by most. According to Pottermore, Minerva had a very interesting life outside Hogwarts too. At school, she was the head girl in her seventh year and soon after that, she started working at the Ministry of magic before coming back to become a teacher. She also suffered a serious heartbreak at an early age.

 2. Severus Snape

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

One of the most complex characters of the series is, of course, the potions master we love. Snape has had a very interesting life and he surely deserves his own movie. As seen in the Prince’s tale, Snape fell in love with Lily Evans but his feelings were never reciprocated, later he turned into a death eater and it took a while but he understood his mistake. The second half of his life was about redeeming himself and helping defeat Voldemort. This is some good material for a script for sure.

 1. Sirius Black

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

There are many flawed characters in the series but there is a certain broken charm about Sirius Black. He is a misunderstood man and seen by most as a notorious mass murderer. Sirius had a rough childhood but his time at Hogwarts helped him cope with his family issues. His friendship with James was so strong that he would have died but never would have betrayed his best friend. The depth in this character makes you wish you knew more about him and therefore it would be great if he had his own book which could later turn into a movie.

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