Robert Downey Jr. Shares Behind The Scenes Look at ‘I am Iron Man’ Moment

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Avengers: Endgame was full of iconic moments that just don’t leave our brains even though we saw the film days ago. There were subtle and quiet moments like Tony making amends with his father, Steve and Peggy dancing, Thor seeking counsel from his mother, and so many more. And then there were these big screamers like Cap wielding the Mjolnir and kicking Thanos’ Butt, the whole War, Hulk Snapping, and so many more. But the most important moment of all was ‘I am Iron Man’.

It was such a perfect movie scene. The moment was so fitting and moving that the entire theatre screens applauded. But what’s funny is that Robert Downey Jr. was actually reluctant to say this line in the first place. It was really hard for him emotionally to say it, and it took some convincing by Joe Russo to actually come through with it.

Robert Downey Jr. I am Iron Man

Speaking with CinemaBlend‘s ReelBlend, here’s what Joe Russo had to say:

“It’s an interesting story. I had dinner with [Robert Downey Jr.] like two weeks before we were supposed to shoot it. And he was like, ‘I don’t know. I don’t really want to go back and get into that emotional state. It’ll take… it’s hard.’ And crazily enough, Joel Silver, the producer, was at the dinner. He’s an old buddy of Robert’s. And Joel jumps in and he’s like, ‘Robert, what are you talking about? That’s the greatest line I’ve ever heard! You gotta say this line! You have to do this!’ So thank God that Joel Silver was at dinner, because he helped us talk Robert into doing that line.”

Robert Downey Jr. I am Iron Man

Thank God that Robert agreed to do it. The line was actually one of those last minute additions into the film. Robert Downey Jr. initially would have said nothing. Here’s how the entire moment came to be what it was:

“Joe Russo Tony used to not say anything in that moment. And we were in the editing room going, ‘He has to say something. This a character who has lived and died by quips.’ And we just couldn’t, we tried a million different last lines. Thanos was saying ‘I am inevitable.’ And our editor Jeff Ford, who’s been with us all four movies and is an amazing storyteller, said ‘Why don’t we just go full circle with it and say I am Iron Man.’ And we’re like, ‘Get the cameras! We have to shoot this tomorrow.'”                                                          

Robert Downey Jr. I am Iron Man

Well, we’re glad that we got that particular scene. It was the best comeback and made perfect sense. The snap was very powerful, and now Robert Downey Jr. has shown us how it was shot behind the scenes. This is surely incomplete, but all these images do revive the big moment in our minds. Take a look:

Robert Downey Jr. I am Iron Man

It all started with Iron Man, and he ended it. He proved Captain America wrong, and Cap proved him wrong. It was the big sacrifice play that grew Tony Stark so much as a character. It just had to be Stark making the final snap, and the writers have their version of why Tony Stark had to die sacrificing himself in Endgame.

Robert Downey Jr. I am Iron Man

Here’s what Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely told the Los Angeles Times:

“We always knew we wanted him to bring it on himself as opposed to being killed by Thanos. Because it’s really the one thing left for him to do, in a way. The five-year jump allowed him to become this fully realized human: He married Pepper, he had a child, he basically retired from public life and lived a very peaceful existence out there in the country.

Robert Downey Jr. I am Iron Man

We knew he was going to die but we wanted to put it in his hands as opposed to someone else’s. We didn’t always know that the Infinity Stones were going to be what caused it, but once we worked out the mechanics of it with the nano particle suit that both the gauntlet and his suit were made out of, it all worked too perfectly not to do.”

I Love You 3000, Iron Man!

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