10 Mysterious Things About Thor Ragnarok That Everyone Is Asking

Thor Ragnarok is the most anticipated upcoming Comic Book movie and people are really hyped for it as the level of excitement is even more than Justice League. The movie is going to be the real set up for Avengers Infinity War and it has a big set of characters who are going to appear. There is a lot going on in the movie and while the trailers have given us various hints about what we could expect from the movie, we still have many questions that are unanswered. Here is a list.

How did the Grandmaster capture Hulk?

As Thor is put into the fighting pits of the Planet Sakaar, we see that he is introduced to his former team-mate Hulk. He gets very happy about the fact that he would not have to fight Hulk as he is a friend from work. But, the big question that arises over here is that how did the Grandmaster manage to capture the enormous Green Rage Monster and more importantly how is he still in control of The Hulk? The answer may be that Hulk himself likes being there as he is the champion of those pits.

How much of the film is on Sakaar?

In the trailers, the action jumps back and forth between Sakaar and Asgard, and we know that there will be scenes on Earth, so it would be interesting to see how the balance of the film strikes between these locations. The film is actually going to be the shortest movie of MCU till now so it will be really interesting to see how much time is invested on Sakaar.

Why does Valkyrie join Team Thor?

In both the trailers, we saw the Valkyrie was originally working for The Grandmaster but later she joins forces with Thor and goes on to take down Hela? But what motivates her to join the Revengers? Is it because she wants to escape the planet Sakaar and then take her revenge on Hela for what she did to her people?

What will Doctor Strange do in the movie?

The post credits scene of Doctor Strange hinted at him helping Thor and Loki find Odin who has been hiding on earth so that he could send Loki back to Asgard. Is that it? A character like Doctor Strange should be in for something bigger than this. So what role will he exactly play in the movie is a good question.

What is Loki doing on Sakaar?

Loki is a long way from home in the Ragnarok trailer when we see him watching from the stands as his adoptive brother does battle in Sakaar’s gladiatorial arena. But, what is the real motive for him being there and how did he actually and up on Sakaar? He was supposed to be ruling Asgard. Did he flee after finding out that what Hela is going to do with Asgard? Did he come to the Grandmaster for help against her?

Why did Jane and Thor split up?

The answer to this question simply should not be that Natalie Portman did not want to be a part of Marvel movies anymore. There should be a valid explanation for this and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has actually confirmed that the topic will be addressed in the movie and we all hope that the answer to this should be good enough for us to connect.

What will be the fate of Odin?

Odin has been a big mystery ever since we saw Loki sitting on the Throne of Asgard at the end of Thor The Dark World. Well, Doctor Strange cleared a bit of that mystery as he told us all that Odin is actually hiding on Earth. But what fate does the movie hold for the mighty AL father. Is he going to survive the movie or will he meet his demise as the stakes are pretty big in this movie.

Is Hela in Team Thanos?

Hela is the Goddess of Death and the MCU does not have ‘Death’ as a character. So, is it true that Hela is MCU’s version of Death and due to her he gets motivated to destroy the Universe? Will Hela actually be the one to hand over the Sixth Infinity Gem to the Mad Titan??

Will Asgard be completely destroyed?

As we saw in the trailers that when Hela arrives on Asgard, she almost wipes out everything there as we see a wave of fire burning Agard and the soldiers there. But the real question here is that what will be the fate of Asgard and will it be fully destroyed or is some of it left to fight for?

Will there be an Infinity Stone?

We all have been wondering where is the soul stone? Only two movies are left before Infinity War and Black Panther has been confirmed for not portraying the gem. So, that leaves either Ragnarok or Infinity War itself to introduce the 6th gem to us. But, will it be introduced in this movie or does it go on to Infinity War? Is Heimdall the one who possesses it?

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