10 Movies That Are Accurately Based on Major Historical Events

Movies Based on Major Historical Events:

Horror movies don’t give you as many goosebumps as movies inspired by true events do. These episodes mark some of the most significant dates in history. Out of all the real-life events, these stand out the most due to their surreal nature. Most of the directors adapt these stories and tweak in their own ways to make them more thrilling. But the following films were depicted exactly how they had occurred as they were naturally compelling. Find out the 10 movies that depicted historical events most accurately.

 1. Spotlight

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The critically acclaimed movie navigates the secret mission of four journalists to cover a story on the alleged child molestation cases in a church. Your hearts are bound to beat hard and audibly against your chest throughout the thrilling experience of the movie. The 2013 film captures the essence of the 2001 events and makes you nostalgic about the old fashion journalism that took place in libraries with the least use of technology.

 2. All The President’s Men

The movie is based on the infamous Watergate Scandal that forced the then President of the United States, Richard Nixon to resign from the administration. The directors did their homework and thorough research before going ahead with the film. Instead of collecting information from third parties, they approached the direct source, the two journalists who had exposed the guilty.

 3. Tora! Tora! Tora!

Movies Based on Major Historical Events
Movies Based on Major Historical Events

Unlike most of the war movies that are told from one nation’s point of view that also stands out as the hero, the makers of this film joined hands with Japanese producers as well. It is taken from historic pages about the war between the USA and Japan. The directors and writers conducted extensive research and showed the movie from the angles of both the nations.

 4. The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

This is the real-life spine-chilling affair of Robert Ford who murdered the outlaw and gang leader he idolized, Jesse James. Rather than losing you in the dramatic effects of guns and action, the makers focus on the detail of the event. Each second feels real and raw due to the accuracy of props and the surroundings.

 5. The Lion In Winter

Movies Based on Major Historical Events
Movies Based on Major Historical Events

If you have a palette for royal history then, do not miss this movie. The Lion in Winter comprises of the political battle between King Henry II of England and his estranged queen over the heir of his throne. There is no overdo of the majestic and glitzy royal representation to attract the audience. But the focus completely sticks to the cruel political accuracy and mind games.

 6. 12 Years A Slave

No movie on slavery is as accurate as 12 Years A Slave. Half knowledge is no good for us! If you really want to see the real picture of oppression then this is the movie. It shows the barbaric practices against the Blacks in detail without mellowing it down for the audience.

 7. Apollo 13

Sci-fi movies often mess up with their science big time. But the makers of Apollo 13 didn’t want to entertain the audience at the cost of correct information. To ascertain the factual events, the director sought help from NASA officials.

 8. Full Metal Jacket

Going for the bitter truth isn’t everyone’s game. When your focus is driven by audience entertainment, tweaking facts with drama and fictional stories are tempting. But ‘Full Metal Jacket’ resisted that urge and devoted its brains to fierce research. Inspired by the Vietnam War, the film successfully meets up with authenticity. Unlike other war films where the actors are on the field, this one covers the story of a cruel commander who drives his soldiers into a mental breakdown.

 9. A Night To Remember

Movies Based on Major Historical Events
Movies Based on Major Historical Events

Titanic is one of the most iconic and famous movies. But let’s face it, it is known mostly for Jack and Rose’s epic romance and separation. If you are keen to learn the truth about the majestic liner and its dreadful fate without any romantic imagination, then go for ‘A Night To Remember’. Find out about the actual glitch with the ship and the real story of the passengers on board.

 10. Zodiac


The most heart-pounding murder mystery is undoubtedly Zodiac, for it is based on a real-life murderer whose identity is still unknown to people. It is one of the longest mysteries that no genius could solve in decades. It is a true story of a cartoonist who follows the breadcrumbs to unmask the Zodiac killer. The thriller is so mind-bending that it starts to feel fictional. It didn’t change the story for the audience’s sake but focused on each of the characters.

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