10 Best Marvel Characters Fans Want To See in The MCU

Marvel Characters Fans Want To See:

The news of Jamie Foxx reviving his character of Electro in the MCU Spider-Man 3 has raised our hopes to see Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds again as Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively. Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest and most successful superhero franchise. Its skyrocketing box office records have surpassed even the non-superhero genre movies. But that doesn’t make every Marvel character lucky. Some Marvel movie characters haven’t yet been taken under the wing of MCU. They were portrayed so well by the talented actors that we’d love to have them back on the screen. How the terrific stars will shine, if supported by MCU, is beyond our imaginations. Find the 10 best Marvel characters fans want to see in the MCU.

 1. Doctor Octopus

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The only face we remember of Doctor Octopus is Alfred Molina. Spider-Man 2 was the best movie in the trilogy and most of the credit goes to Alfred. He grabbed the screen and our attention with his strong presence. His face and performance echos the most in the memories of Spider-Man.

 2. The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man

Marvel Characters Fans Want To See
Marvel Characters Fans Want To See

Internet is flooding with fans demanding for the crossover of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men with Tom Holland in the MCU. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has proved that multiple versions of Spider-Man can exist and travel through the multiverse.

 3. Green Goblin

If there is one actor who depicted a comic book villain most aptly, it has to be Willem Dafoe. He radiated the perfectly notorious Green Goblin vibes in Spider-Man with that devilish smirk. Fans screaming and hooting in the halls are guaranteed.

 4. Magneto and Xavier

Marvel Characters Fans Want To See
Marvel Characters Fans Want To See

We can’t think of better actors for this famous pair than Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Michael and James will bring the spice and fun into the MCU with their love and hate bromance. If the studio ever plans on introducing mutants into their universe, then Michael’s Magento and James’s Xavier would be the perfect casting.

 5. Johnny Storm

Chris Evans has left the MCU as Captain America and fans are still processing through this news. There is no way for the Cap to return but Evans can always make a cameo. Apart from Captain America, Chris has played another Marvel superhero, Johnny Storm in the first Fantastic Four movie. We’d love to have him make a short appearance as Storm from an alternate universe.

 6. Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best actors that Hollywood has ever seen. She has the talents and star power that would catapult any movie to higher success. MCU is a family of A-list actors who has made the franchise what it is today. Adding Lawrence in that house retains the position of MCU since actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Scarlet Johansson have retired. Since she was already a Marvel character, Mystique, it shouldn’t take long to introduce her. In fact, MCU can explore her in ways Fox couldn’t.

 7. Deadpool

MCU has dominated the superhero genre for four reasons primarily: cast, CGI, action, and humor. Blending comedy with action is the forte of the franchise. Even during the most unexpected moments, they throw a pun or one-liner joke that throws us off our seats. Deadpool will stimulate the comedy that MCU is known for.

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It’s impossible to think of anyone else play Deadpool other than Ryan Reynolds. Their wit and mischievous nature make extremely alike. Disney taking over Fox Studios had worry about only one thing; if Ryan Reynolds would revive Deadpool. There have been hints dropped by the actor but MCU hasn’t made any announcements yet. Sometimes it feels like Deadpool really is Ryan Reynolds under the mask. We really can’t tell the difference between Ryan and Wade Wilson.

 8. Blade

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The blade was one of the earliest Marvel movies during a time when producers were skeptical of superhero movies. Its results were pretty satisfying for that time and Wesley Snipes won many hearts with his stunts. Even though we are looking forward to Mahershala Ali, we wouldn’t mind a throwback to the original Blade star, Wesley Snipes.

 9. Daredevil

Before you say anything, let us make it clear that we are not here to promote the Daredevil movie. There can be no arguments to support the film which was an epic disaster. But that doesn’t put a dent on Ben Affleck’s acting chops and screen power. He is a huge brand in Hollywood. Affleck did great work as Batman and MCU can tap on his brand too. There is no denying that Ben has what it takes to play a superhero and that’s why he has been approached by both Marvel and DCEU.

 10. Wolverine

MCU has always felt incomplete without Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. His powerful performance and fandom made him an MCU level superhero. Even though Fox bid him farewell in Logan, Disney can capitalize on the character with Hugh since fans would crash the theatre gates to see his Wolverine again.

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