10 Luckiest Comic Characters Who Exist in The MCU

Luckiest Comic Characters in MCU:

When you are a superhero fighting dangerous and powerful evils, you need something more than strength. MCU characters have been put under life-threatening situations against Gods, robots, and aliens where luck played a big role in saving their a$$. Some superheroes were born with superhuman powers while others worked hard to become formidable. With luck by their side, these heroes and villains have defeated death and triumphed battles plenty of times. Find out the 10 luckiest comic characters that exist in the MCU movies. Let us know if we missed anyone.

 1. Baby Groot

Baby Groot is hands down, the luckiest MCU characters. We have lost count of how many he has walked right out of death without realizing or putting any efforts. He is busy dancing to music on his headphones while dodging attacks or getting crushed.

 2. Mysterio

Spider-Man 3 – Who All Part of Marvel’s Sinister Six?

To turn a huge team against the superhero Iron Man aka Tony Stark must require convincing and crafty skills. He was lucky to turn Stark’s employees against their famous and rich boss. Not only that but Mysterio also managed to earn their loyalty and have them do his dirty work. He also managed to fool the S.H.I.E.L.D and the world. An experienced S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury(though Skrull) not only believed him but deemed his hallucinated disasters as an Avenger level threat. And most of all, he triumphed over Spider-Man even after his death.

 3. Vision

Thor Mjolnir

To become worthy of the Mjolnir without really doing anything must be luck. Even though we are aware of Vision’s morals and virtues, his wielding the hammer right after his birth was a surprise. He is one of the most powerful Avengers and the most honorable android who has his own conscience.

 4. Hawkeye

Unlike his teammates who are either Gods, genetically mutated super-soldiers and spies and billionaire scientists, Hawkeye aka Clint Barton is the only common human in the Avengers team. He has literally fought with bow and arrow and yet managed to save his neck in battles with aliens, robots, and evil Gods.

 5. Star-Lord

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord changes the whole definition of a superhero which his unconventional lifestyle. He is a ladies man, playboy, and too cool and casual to participate in serious battles. Even his team consists of some of the most flawed and careless “heroes”. Despite the lack of competence that most of the superheroes hold, Star-Lord has saved the universe many times.

 6. Captain America

We know that Steve Rogers made the most sacrifices to be worthy of the Mjolnir. But if we think hard on it, he has literally lived double lives that most of us envy. Steve was a scrawny boy who became the immortal Captain America after a successful experiment. Without any gym or anything, Rogers became the strongest human on Earth. After spending decades as a Superhero and fighting legendary battles, he got to go back in time to spend his life again with Peggy Carter. He gets the girl and the Shield!

 7. Grandmaster

Captain Marvel Post Credits Scene Thor: Ragnarok

The comics might have explained the Grandmaster’s powers but the movie didn’t dive into it. To be the supreme ruler of a planet and have powerful entities work under you and fight for you must require grand skills and powers. But it’s hard to see Grandmaster in that picture due to his quirky demeanor.

 8. Ant-Man

Can you think even one instance when Scott Lang survived danger without luck? To begin with, he was a thief who accidentally steals the Ant-Man suit and becomes the hero Ant-Man. Furthermore, while half the universe got wiped out by Thanos’s snap, Scott was stuck in the Quantum Realm which saved his life. But the most bizarre of them all was when he was pulled out of the Quantum Realm by a random rat.

 9. Odin

No matter how just and rightful the King of Asgard tried to be, he was the real villain. All the villains that Thor faced in the movies were a product of Odin’s mistakes in the past. Loki wouldn’t be Loki if Odin hadn’t betrayed and lied to him. And Asgard’s fate wouldn’t have fallen at the hands of Hela had Odin not linked his life with her imprisonment. Despite his mistakes, Odin is worshipped by his people.

 10. War Machine

To have a best friend like Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a stroke of huge luck in itself. Commander Rhodey’s career would have been different if Stark wouldn’t have entered his life. It got him his personal armor and the opportunity to fight beside the Mighty Avengers as a superhero himself.

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