A 5th Spider-Man is Now Rumored To Join MCU’s Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 is going to be a film that’s extremely hard to predict. Marvel gave out fake scripts for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but they’re taking their game to the next level. We only got to know that fake scripts existed, but none of those actually made their way on to the internet. This time around, a total of 3 dummy stories seem to exist and they might be the sources of all the rumors that exist online. Marvel is really tight-lipped and we’d say that this certainly is the need of the hour.

Reporters & fans are all after exclusive Marvel-related scoops, so set leaks are bound to make their way onto the internet every now and then. That’s why Marvel will need to take extra precautions for keeping things hidden until the movie comes out. With that being said, one of the crew members (fabian_ri_chad) from the set of Spider-Man 3 posted an Instagram story last night. Here, take a look at the props from the set shown in the first image:

This crew member is also going to work on the Loki set. But what we need to note here is the chair in the first image. It clearly looks like a prop that might end up in the movie, and the metal containers placed along with the chair give this location an experimentation lab vibe. The caption on the image makes things even more interesting. Fabian wrote “New Spider-Man OTW,” meaning that a new Spider-Man movie is on the way.

5th Spider-Man To Join MCU’s Spider-Man 3

But this caption seems to have been blown out of proportion by “sleuths” on the internet. People are actually presuming that literally, a new Spider-Man might be on the way in Spider-Man 3. And guessing by the chair and the lap equipment, that new Spider-Man could be Ben Reilly, aka the Scarlet Spider. What you need to know about Ben Reilly is that he is a clone of Peter Parker. He was created by Miles Warren aka the Jackal in order to kill Spider-Man. But later on, he & Spidey became allies. They even started to refer to each other as brothers.

The MCU hasn’t brought clones into the picture just yet. We have seen super human experiments, the Pym Particles, Nanoparticles, Einstein-Rosen Bridges, Time Travel, and many other technologically advanced elements. Marvel is going to venture into the multiverse now, but we’re not really sold on the idea of clones in the MCU for now. Sure, the narrative of the Scarlet Spider could work in the way Spider-Man 3 is being structured. Someone like Norman Osborn could create a clone of Spider-Man and then brainwash him through the chair in the above image, just like Hydra brainwashed the Winter Soldier.

5th Spider-Man To Join MCU’s Spider-Man 3

Osborn could then send this clone, i.e. Ben Reilly after Peter Parker. But where will the other villains fit into the story? This film is supposed to bring in new villains. Jamie Foxx’s Electro & maybe Michael Mando’s Scorpion are supposed to be the villains of the story, leading us to the Sinister Six. Adding another Spider-Man when Miles Morales has reportedly been cast already seems to be a little too much to handle. And besides, there’s a high chance that Fabian the crewman doesn’t know a lot of story details about Spider-Man 3 because the film has just begun with its production. So, what he meant by “New Spider-Man OTW” is that MCU’s Spider-Man 3 is one the way.

5th Spider-Man To Join MCU’s Spider-Man 3

Anyway, if this experiment chair should hold some kind of relevance in the story, then it has to be used to bring a villain like Norman Orborn, Electro, or maybe a Doc Ock into the mix. After all, the Avengers Tower could turn out to be the new Oscorp. So, this particular interior of a lab could be pointing at Oscorp. Let’s wait and see how things turn out.

Spider-Man 3 is set to arrive on December 17, 2021.

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