Spider-Man: How Are Venom And Carnage Different From Each Other

How Are Venom And Carnage Different:

The commercial success of 2018 Venom has encouraged Sony to release its sequel which may strongly be related to Spider-Man’s world in the MCU. The movie wasn’t received well by the critics but fans from all over the world loved the antagonist based movie and look forward to its sequel. The 2nd installment is set to hit the theatres in 2021 and is titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Now coming to the 2 main characters, Venom and Carnage, both are Spider-Man’s biggest nemesis. Both are symbiotes but are widely different from each other which we will discuss ahead. Spidey’s world is incomplete without these big baddies in it. The 3 of them share a huge history and we can’t wait for it to become live on the big screen. Before we discuss their differences, let us first understand how they are similar. For starters, they both belong to the same species called, The Klyntar. They were created by the God of symbiotes, Knull who was later destroyed by Thor, leaving the symbiotes free to roam across the universe. But Venom and Carnage share more in common just there race. They are related by blood. The host of Carnage, Cletus Kasady bonded with Venom’s offspring in the prison before becoming the Carnage. Even though the 2 symbiotes are way stronger than Spider-Man, they are not immune to vulnerabilities. Their entire species has a weakness against heat and sonic vibrations.

Now that we learned their similarities, let us dive into their differences.


Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Given the history of Spider-Man using the Venom symbiote once as his suit, the latter inherited some of his powers and appearance. Now Eddie Brock’s Venom can also shoot web and has passed on these abilities to Carnage as well through his offspring. Even though Carnage was created later, he is stronger than Venom. Since Kasady and Carnage share a cellular bond, he has better control over his symbiote and can enhance more powers from it.

Their History

Venom symbiote has been hosted by many characters over the history, from Peter Parker’s Spider-Man to Deadpool. Getting passed on from host to host weakens its bond with the host and erases the value of its origin. Carnage on the other hand has a cellular level bond with its host Kasady and has a stronger connection to its species. Carnage was created by the offspring of Venom but Kasady’s ancestor worshipped the God of Symbiotes, Knull, and was a mass murderer himself. This is what makes the Carnage completely sinister and dark, unlike Venom.

Anti-Hero and Villain

Venom was introduced as a major antagonist of the Spider-Man universe but he eventually grew mature and became an anti-hero. Venom’s intentions had slowly shifted to a better side, making him a hero on many occasions. Carnage, on the other hand, has only gotten worse over the years. Its original host, Kasady was a serial killer whose psychotic mind only got amplified after becoming the Carnage. He feels over the edge of sanity and lost all conscience and humanity after taking on the symbiote.


Facts about Carnage

Since both Carnage and its host Kasady were psychopaths and ruthless, they only amplified each other’s insanity. The combination of psychotic mass murderers produces a highly dangerous villain who kills without any purpose.  It is believed that everyone has a past or a purpose that often turn their actions evil.  But it can’t be applied on Carnage who has no vengeance nor any past to drive him. He is simply heartless and kills to feel good. This makes him all the more dangerous than Venom. Besides, it has been observed on many occasions that Carnage was stronger than Venom in terms of strength as well. Once Spider-Man had sought Venom’s help to defeat Carnage. But to his surprise, Carnage was able to overpower both Spidey and Venom. His stronger bond with Kasady makes him wilder and more violent.

So, it can be said that Carnage is stronger than both Spider-Man and Venom’s combined strengths.

Who is Smarter?

By now we have established that Carnage is way deadlier than Venom was his unstable mind and serial killer host. However, Venom has an advantage when it comes to smartness. Both Brock and Venom cunning and ensure that their every step in well-planned. This gives them an edge over Carnage who is more irrational and less prepared.

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