This Theory Reveals How Hagrid Could Appear In The Fantastic Beasts Series

Hagrid In Fantastic Beasts Series:

Since the Fantastic Beast series has started, fans have been waiting for it to give them something big and Epic. While the two movies haven’t been flops, they still haven’t nailed the box office. This has put off some people and yet others are still waiting patiently for the future installments to come out and wow them.
Even though the second movie did not impress many, ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’ gave us more insight into the direction the series is going to be taking.

The second film had some amazing appearances by certain Harry Potter characters that obviously made an impact on the audience. Albus Dumbledore played a big part and will surely have a bigger role in the coming installments. Nicolas Flamel also made a cameo that wasn’t even expected and helped the gang in the climax of the film. Another unexpected and rather a controversial cameo was made by the fan-favorite Professor Minerva McGonagall who according to the timeline should not have been in the film and yet delighted the fans. Voldemort’s loyal snake friend Nagini also appeared in the second film and had quite a lot of screen time and even an origin story.

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The upcoming installment in the Fantastic Beasts series is set to come out by November 2021 if there are not any delays. After New York and Paris, where the earlier two Fantastic Beasts movies were based, Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro will serve as the backdrop of the new film. It has been rumored that the third film could also have some appearances by some loved characters from the Potterverse. A character that has been rumored could appear is none other than the gentle half-giant Rubeus Hagrid. Eddie Redmayne has previously expressed that he would like Hagrid to appear in the series at some point seeing how Newt and Hagrid both share a love for magical creatures. Another star from the series who has expressed a similar wish is Dan Fogler who plays Jacob Kowalski in the films.

He even went ahead and shared theory in an interview that could link Hagrid with not only Newt Scamander but also Jacob. Since Fantastic Beasts 3 is reportedly set in the 1930s, which is after Hagrid’s birth, the film can delve into the childhood of the fan-favorite character without engendering any plot holes. According to Fogler’s theory, Hagrid’s giantess mother Fridwulfa first goes to Newt, a magizoologist. She requests him to take care of her child. But Newt declines Fridwulfa’s request, which forces her to turn to Fogler’s Kowalski for help. Kowalski subsequently agrees to Fridwulfa’s plea and takes Hagrid into foster care, raising him to become the iconic Hogwarts gamekeeper.

It is a pretty interesting theory but we doubt that the writers will use it now seeing how Fogler has discussed it with the media already. However, we agree seeing a really young Hagrid would be amazing and we would like to see him in the series for sure.

The actor seems really optimistic about the appearance of Potter characters and even went on to suggest that the time turner could be used to bring back anyone. Fogler said that

With the whole Time-Turner thing, you could really have anybody show up. Hermione, for instance, could end up in the 1930s by accident or something.”

Another character that fans have been expecting to show up in the series is young Tom Riddle which would definitely be interesting as well. Seeing how Voldemort and Hagrid are not very far in their ages and only have a 4-5 year age difference, it can even be possible for both to appear in it. As the film is not coming out any time soon, we can just speculate as to what the story would be this time and hope that it is better and more magical than the first two. Cameos of more Potter characters would then certainly be an icing on the cake!

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