Superheroes Whose Powers Were Not Utilized in The MCU

Superheroes Powers Not Utilized in MCU:

Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the liberty to visualize the Marvel comic stories in their own ways. No one but only the comic book readers can compare the differences, good or bad. MCU deserves the credit and praise for the excellent adaption with the screenplay, special effects, actors, and many other factors. But fans were not satisfied with the way certain powerful superheroes and supervillains were portrayed in the movies. Their potentials were undermined and their time was shortened despite the massive anticipation at the hearts of the fans. We enlisted some Marvel heroes who deserved to be optimized on the silver screen.

 1. Drax

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

Believe us, Drax is much more than just an object of comedy. As much as we love the humor in Guardians of the Galaxy than runs on Drax’ sheer dumbness, we’d love to see him as an asset to the team. The comics have characterized Drax has one of the most feared and powerful heroes.

 2. Gamora

Avengers Endgame Moments Impact Future

No wonder why fans were infuriated by Gamora’s role in the movies. She had an impressive introduction but with every new installment, she is merely reduced down to a damsel in distress. Gamora has proved herself to be one of the smartest, deadliest, and most savage women in the Marvel comics.  But our expectations are back again after the entrance of a new Gamora in Avengers: Endgame.

 3. Vision

Mind Stone MCU

Visions is one of the most formidable Marvel heroes whose powers are God-like. The android was not only strong and destructive but also a genius who was always 10 steps ahead of his rival. Based on his calculations, Vision could have devised a plan to stop Thanos. But he had a short role in the MCU and not utilized to his best in Avengers: Infinity War.

 4. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet’s powers which were not less than those of the reality and power stone had raised our hopes. We were waiting for her emotions and inexplicable powers to shine out someday at the time of need. She stood as the biggest threat to Thanos and we were keen to watch a major face-off between the two. Thanos was bound to win with the stones but Wanda should have been allowed to exploit her powers at its apex.

 5. The Hulk

Avengers Endgame Hulk

Hulk and Thanos’ little battle was one of the most anticipated fights which soon turned into a disappointment. We watched how Hulk was easily defeated by Thanos. Our bad! Hulk was not defeated but constantly punched down and literally smashed by Thanos as if he was nothing in front of the Mad Titan. That moment killed the magic behind “We have a Hulk”. But that same Hulk is considered as a supreme and invincible force in the comics.

 6. Thor

Iron Man 4 Was Never Made

Unlike what was always been portrayed in the movies, Thor has more to himself than the Mjolnir. The God of Thunder is invincible in the books, even without his hammer. Even though most of the credit is taken by the Mjolnir, we look forward to him realizing his potentials in the sequels.

 7. Quicksilver

Adding his name to the list was inevitable. Quicksilver’s death had left the viewer completely speechless, and it wasn’t cultivated from the pain of loss. The audience was stunned because a major superhero was killed by MCU before he was even introduced properly. The speedster would have been a big threat to Thanos but he was discarded after 1 movie.

 8. Loki

Superheroes Powers Not Utilized in MCU

Loki’s death seemed like an improbable event because he had fooled us many times in the past. But that was exactly what his powers stood for, a cunning mind. The God of Mischief should have been able to beat Thanos, not by strength but by the power of the mind.

 9. Groot

So far, we have seen a few glimpses of Groot’s powers. But he is more than just a sapling to be adored. Groot is believed to be one of the most powerful entities across the galaxies and we are eager to explore his powers in the upcoming movies.

 10. Odin

Superheroes Powers Not Utilized in MCU

The All-Father was deemed as an undefeatable hero and God. Odin barely had any screen time in the movies and the little that he did, hadn’t focused on his powers. Not only was Odin not realized at his best, even the great actor Anthony Hopkins was underutilized.

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