Ryan Reynolds is Set to Co-Write & Star in Netflix’s New Comedy

Just as it is a great time to be a DC Comics fan, it is also a great time for people who love Ryan Reynolds! The guy got super rich recently as he sold his Aviation American Gin business. He was already the second-highest-paid actor of last year. And now he is set to star in more films than we have fingers on our hands. Netflix & Reynolds are just signing new deals for new films left and right. It started with last year’s 6 Underground, and now Reynolds is set to star in at least 4 more Netflix movies.

Ryan Reynolds to Co-Write & Star in Netflix’s New Comedy

Deadline has reported that John August & Ryan Reynolds are reteaming up after 2007’s film The Nines. They’re going to co-write a new comedy movie for Netflix which will be called Upstate. Netflix is looking at Reynolds to star in the flick as well. As of now, none of the plot details have been revealed by the streaming giant, but we do know that Reynolds is going to co-produce this movie through his production company Maximum Effort, along with John August.

Reynolds is at the peak of his career and we do hope that the fast talking Canadian keeps rising & entertaining us. So far, he has already shot Disney/20th Century Studios’ Free Guy and Lionsgate’s The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, then we would’ve already watched Free Guy by now, and this coming weekend would’ve brought us The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s sequel. But the Coronavirus pushed their releases way back.

Now as soon as the pandemic lifts, Reynolds will go back to finish filming on Netflix’s Red Notice. Then he will star in Netflix’s Our Name is Adam. After that falls his third upcoming Netflix movie, Dragon’s Lair. Upstate will be his fourth. If you think about it, his schedule is insanely packed now. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that Reynolds is also presumed to appear in Hobbs & Shaw 2, another Pokemon Universe movie, 6 Underground sequel & Deadpool 3. Let’s see how many films does he end up shooting within a year!

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