10 Small Things About Doctor Strange That Marvel Fans Observed

First, we were introduced to Dr. Stephen Strange in the first sequel of the Dr. Strange franchise. By then the world of MCU was already made aware of the awesome scientific achievements made within the MCU and the advanced technology in use. Dr. Strange’s implication into the narrative, just opened the MCU to a world of possibilities, originating from multiple universes into one constant timeline. That could be tapped into by Dr. Strange at any given point in time, depending upon the circumstances and the threat being faced by the earth. MCU’s narrative of Dr. Strange has brought about several possibilities which the directors could play around or tap into. But there have been several minute details which our prestige fandom has discovered about the Doctor, without any help from the MCU.


Dr. Strange Is A Collector

Small Things About Doctor Strange

In the movie, Dr. Strange was seen battling Kaecilius, and during the fight uses the crimson bands of Cyttorak to render the evil wizard motionless. Later in the Thor: Ragnarök, the same device is seen on the wall when Dr. Strange is having a dialogue with Thor in the Sanctum Sanctorum.


Time Is Very Important

Small Things About Doctor Strange
Small Things About Doctor Strange

The Dr. Strange movie laid special emphasis on the value of time, which somehow paralleled the ideologies of Dr. Stephen Strange’s obsession with time. Before his transformation to sorceress supreme, Dr. Strange was shown having an exquisite collection of iconic watches.


Dr. Strange Has The Eye For Detail

During the Avengers: Endgame, we saw Dr. Strange open multiple portals with the help of his sorceress friends and bring the party to Thanos. In one particular scene, we witness Dr. Strange open a portal just big enough for Wasp to come through, indicating the mastery he had achieved and the attention to detail he possesses.


Apple Illusion, A Reference To Bible

The first time Dr. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto, he employs its prowess on an apple. In the bible, the apple is a symbolic representation of forbidden knowledge, as it was the fruit that the Lord had forbidden Adam and Eve from consuming.


Kamar Taj

The movie Dr. Strange emphasized the attainment of salvation, which could be achieved only by letting go of all worldly possession. That is why in the Dr. Strange narrative Stephen Strange was only shown the path to Kamar Taj once he gave up all his worldly possession. The only worldly possession he kept was the broken watch that he wore on the night of the accident.


Dr. Strange Knows The Asgard Ways

In Thor: Ragnarök when Dr. Strange is opening the portal to Asgard for Thor and Loki to pass through. At that very moment, he is seen summoning the Triquetra Norse symbol meaning passage, which explains Dr. Strange knowledge of the other 9 realms.


Dr. Strange’s Message About Distracted Driving

Small Things About Doctor Strange
Small Things About Doctor Strange

In the Dr. Strange movie, there is a message on distracted driving, which appears in the post-credit scenes. The message is requesting viewers to never encourage or practice distracted driving.


Hydra’s Target

In the Winter soldier, when Captain America, Sam and Natasha bust a Hydra agent on top of a building. The agent revealed that Dr. Strange was one of the prominent targets on Hydra’s list to kill, which was part of the algorithm being employed of the 3 hellicarriers.


Thanos Used Soul Stone To Defeat Dr. Strange

Thanos during the battle with Dr. Strange was ousted by the sorcerer on several occasions, which kind of started getting him pissed about it. Finally, in one particular scene where Dr. Strange manifests several of his astral projections to bind Thanos with mystic tethers, Thanos is forced to use the powers of the Soul stone and power stone in tandem to overpower the wizard.


The Ending Of Dr. Strange Movie Was Hinted At In The Beginning

Small Things About Doctor Strange
Small Things About Doctor Strange

The Dr. Strange narrative was an amusing cocktail of several plots and narratives sewn into one story while challenging the audience to keep up with the narrative. But, the one thing that remained constant throughout the movie, was the reference that was made on numerous occasions about time. In the beginning, Dr. Strange is shown selecting one watch from several choices. Then came the reference to the Time Stone and how in the movie Dr. Strange learned to master the effective employment of time to maximize output. We saw this when he summoned his astral spirit to read about the magic spells and enchantments while he relaxed his physical mind with sleep.


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