Post-Credit Scenes in Movies That Were Removed

Post-Credit Scenes Removed:

Since a movie goes a series of editing, many shot scenes don’t make it to the final cut. MCU movies are popular for post-credit scenes that compel the fans to sit through the credits while the theatre staff is ready to clear the hall. The post-credits scenes act as an added bonus for the movie watchers who expect either an Easter Eggs or just a closure with the after-effects of the story. Along with the other scenes, sometimes even the post-credits fail to reach the big screen for various reasons. We have gathered some of those deleted ones for your curiosity.

 1. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Post-Credit Scenes Removed

An after-credit scene showed the apes striding towards the Golden Gate Bridge and gazing at a fleet of warships advancing towards them. This moment followed Gary Oldman’s earlier communication with the military that was headed towards the city to fight the apes. But the director of the blockbuster movie changed his mind and adopted a calm scene before the storm of war.

 2. Deadpool 2

Post-Credit Scenes Removed

The post-credit scene that did make to the screen definitely had us in bouts of laughter. But there was another scene in the time travel montage that was deleted later. In his journey back in time to alter the past, Wade Wilson devised a plan to kill baby Hitler. But unable to do so, he ends up changing the baby’s diapers and decides to send Cable instead as he was good with killing kids. The scene was later released on the internet.

 3. Thor: Ragnarok

Grandmaster was a memorable character in the comedy infused superhero movie, Thor: Ragnarok.  The fate of Grandmaster and his bodyguard, Topaz was shot but never shown in the theatres. The two had finally joined the Asgardians in the ship on their way to Earth.

 4. Iron Man

Nick Fury made his debut in MCU with a post-credit scene in Iron Man talking about forming the Avengers Team. He had also discussed mutants and radioactive bug bites that referred to Spider-Man and X-Men. However, the latter part was cut from the final product due to Disney’s rights issue at that time.

 5. Joker

Arthur Fleck Not Be The Real Joker

This scene was suggested by Joaquin Phoenix to the filmmakers. The actor wanted to run a series of bloopers along with the credits but the director didn’t go with it. The funny bloopers however could have dented the serious tone of the movie.

 6. Batman Vs Superman

Post-Credit Scenes Removed

Even DC tried to play the post-credit card in Batman vs Superman but changed its mind in the last moment to stand out from MCU. They released a deleted scene online right after the premiere of the movie. It had Lex Luthor standing at the Kryptonian ship and also showed a different looking Steppenwolf.

 7. Black Panther

Bucky waking up in Wakanda was shortened in the post-credit scenes of Black Panther. Though not much was deleted, it only had Bucky interacting with the elders and playing with children.

 8. It: Chapter One

The first film itself was set to introduce us to the future directly. A post-credit scene taking us to the 2nd chapter was planned but got nixed due to Jessica Chastain’s busy schedule. The script wanted a grown-up Beverly Marsh answering her i-phone but it never got shot.

 9. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Post-Credit Scenes Removed

Norman Osborn had succumbed to a genetic disease in the movie but his fate would have been different had the deleted scene hit the final screen. It showcased a shadowy figure waking up Norman’s frozen head.

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