5 Designs for How Robert Pattinson’s Bat-Suit Could Fully Look Like

Matt Reeves revealed the test footage for Robert Pattinson’s Bat-suit full look try out. People all over the internet had a lot of opinions. Some have like the direction that Matt Reeves is taking while others probably didn’t. The one good thing that Matt Reeves has done is that he hasn’t revealed the complete armor. Yes, he did give away most of it but he has left the cowl and the complete suit yet to be revealed. Here’s a look at the suit if you didn’t catch a look at it.

Some people have rightly compared this suit to that of Netflix’s Daredevil. Anyway, the suit really does pack some amazing details. It is a blend of classic and modern, taking inspirations from Gotham by Gaslight, Arkham Knight and a few other versions. Reeves really did try to give it a real-worldly approach for his Noir-Batman tale. Now before we get the complete revelation from Reeves, here are some of the fan-art designs which might have given us our complete look already.

“BossLogic” Designs

The first suit in these designs might’ve done the trick. But you have to argue that RP would look so much better with a chin-piece. Matt Reeves should definitely consider adding a chin-piece for the sequel if it’s not going to be in the first film at all. The last one among the 4 is a redesign that BossLogic gave to the suit and it also looks awesome. But we can be sure that it won’t be in the film.

“ellejart” Design


The whole suit design here looks quite ravishing but the cowl in the first image looks a bit weird as compared to the second one which adds a chin-piece and white eyes onto the cowl. Also, the work on the utility belt here is quite amazing indeed.

Long Ears

Robert Pattinson’s Bat-Suit Full Look Designs

This third design is something that comes from an inspiration of the 90s Batmen. Every one of the Bat suits that Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher brought us had dramatically long ears like in the Justice League animated series. But they just don’t work with this cowl. So let’s hope that the ears aren’t as long.

“datrinti” Design

Datrinti has given us a pretty cool look at the suit if it were to have shorter ears like Batfleck. The cowl looks okay with the shorter Bat-ears too. But we’re done with the shorter ears as well. Among all of the above designs, BossLogic seems to have got the ears just perfect. So let’s hope it’s that.

“No Ears”

Robert Pattinson’s Bat-Suit Full Look Designs

Now here’s a theory. It looks like Battinson has forged the handgun of Joe Chill as a Bat-sign. Joe Chill is the one who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. The killing of his parents is what transformed Bruce into Batman. So it’s like Batman is wearing vengeance on his chest. But since the Bat-Symbol has not ears, what if the cowl doesn’t either? Batman is in his formative years and Matt Reeves is taking a very real worldly approach here.

Robert Pattinson’s Bat-Suit Full Look

The Bat-cowl seems to be hand-stitched like it has been made at home by Bruce Wayne. So what if for the first film, the cowl doesn’t have ears just like on the show Gotham? The ears might get added in the latter half of the film or perhaps in the second movie. But if this is the case then a lot of fans are going to be pissed. Moreover, marketing the movie is going to become very tough. So let’s hope that this isn’t the case.

Robert Pattinson’s Bat-Suit Full Look Designs

We’re quite excited for this Batman story. Because of the real worldly approach that Matt Reeves has, this Batman would never cross with the DCEU. It will be its own separate trilogy based on Batman and the Bat-family. And those who are unhappy with the suit. Don’t worry. The Batman will only follow the story of Batman from his second year of crime fighting. This is just the first prototype suit. This suit will definitely evolve into something better by the second and the third films. Now that we’re done with the suit, let’s wait for the Batmobile, the Batcycle, and the Bat-plane!

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