Netflix Series That Will Not Return for the Next Season

Netflix Series Will Not Return:

All shows are not blessed with a lifeline of 10-12 seasons. Some run as long as it benefits them commercially, some stick strictly to the storyline, and while others fall victim to the externalities.

The following shows are getting nixed by Netflix and may never address the mysteries and plots. Popular or not, these are at the end of the journeys.

 1. One Day At A Time

Despite emerging as one of the most binge-worthy shows, One Day At A Time will not return for its fourth season. The comedy-drama first aired in 2017 and ran for three successful seasons. The reason for not renewing the show is unknown; however, it has enjoyed a high viewership rate during its period.

 2. Orange Is The New Black

TV Shows Came to an End in 2019

Another comedy that is at its end is the Netflix popular, Orange is the New Black. The show ran for the last 7 seasons and earned itself a cult of loyal fans. It ranks amongst the wittiest and the most widely watched series. Even though fans were eager to have a new season, most of them were satisfied with the closure.

 3. Marvel’s Daredevil

Marvel Netflix Shows Disney+

A man with visual disabilities fights crime and injustice as a lawyer and the Daredevil. This Marvel character mustered popularity in neither series nor movies. Low viewership and high taxes forced Netflix to cancel the Marvel show. Even though some fans are expecting its 4th season to resurface on Disney+, it is less likely for Marvel to take up the project in the near future.

 4. Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix Series Will Not Return

It came as a shock to learn that Netflix won’t be renewing the 4th season of the original show and leave the loyal fans high and dry. It is a mystery as to why a popular series like Santa Clarita Diet with critic and viewership success is being plugged off. Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore’s comedy is a quirky show about a couple where the wife transforms into something dark and eerie.

 5. Easy

Easy was an underrated comedy series that wasn’t promoted well enough to get noticed by an ideal number of audiences. It was appreciated by the critics but failed to reach enough viewers. After running 3 well-crafted seasons, Easy has got the boot.

 6. Jessica Jones

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Marvel and Netflix’s joining hands to bring a female superhero live on the small screen was lauded by fans. Jessica Jones was a darker Marvel hero made for the adults, who had superhuman strength. The dwindling viewership of the show kept increasing its expenses. This drove the streaming platform mammoth to pull off the plug.

 7. BoJack Horseman

Netflix Series Will Not Return

The adult animated series had been the talk of the talk since its inception in 2014. It navigates into the relatable adventures and experiences of the adult lives. It attracted viewers from across the world who grew to like the relatable lead character, a horse. The series has exhausted its chapters and thus prompting the makers to give it a satisfying ending.

 8. House of Cards

Netflix owes its kingdom to its first original series, House of Cards. The sophisticated political drama was one of the most demanded shows for its first 3 seasons. The series met with an unfortunate fate when its lead, Kevin Spacey got accused of sexual assault. This compelled Netflix to cancel its productions and give a “lame” ending to the series.

 9. Marvel’s Luke Cage

Luke Cage was one of the shortest running shows of Netflix due to financial troubles. Dwindling viewership and creative differences gave Netflix no reason to continue with the series. Luke Cage was among other Marvel shows on Netflix to get nixed.

 10. Sense8

Netflix Series Will Not Return

Fans were disappointed and pained when Netflix decided not to produce the upcoming season of Sense8. The sci-fi had a smartly written engaging plot about 8 strangers who could connect via thoughts and violent visions. Its cancellation sparked protests by enraged fans and thus compelling Netflix to release a feature finale.

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