Daredevil: WWE’s The Big Show Wants to Play Kingpin in Future MCU Reboot

Big Show Wants to Play Kingpin in Future MCU Reboot:

We still don’t know what Marvel is going to do with all the Netflix Marvel properties that they are going to reacquire from November onwards. Most people believe that Marvel should continue Netflix’s Daredevil story after season 3 and transition him into the main MCU with the same cast members. But that probably won’t be the case because Kevin Feige is usually very adamant about not linking any property with the MCU that wasn’t produced by him. So characters like Daredevil, Wilson Fisk & even the Punisher are probably going to be recast. Hence, WWE’s The Big Show Wants in on playing one of the better Marvel villains, Kingpin.

Paul Wight aka The Big Show has recently stated that he’d love to play Kingpin if & when Marvel does a Daredevil reboot. Here’s what he told in his latest interview:

“The one that really I’m looking at it, I would love if they do a remake, I’m definitely going to go after pretty hard is that they do a Daredevil remake. And I’m going to definitely go after Kingpin pretty hard. I think Kingpin’s a shoe-in for me.”

Daredevil Big Show Wants to Play Kingpin in Future MCU Reboot

Well, it’s safe to say that he certainly has the physique to play the big brawling Wilson Fisk. Even in WWE, he is quite accustomed to “acting,” so he might actually be able to pull off a cool Wilson Fisk. But many of us (including me) don’t really want to leave Vincent D’Onofrio behind. So, a replacement might just call for a lot of backlash from the fans who are still hoping that Kevin Feige might pull off the same thing with the Daredevil & The Punisher actors that he has with J. Jonah Jameson and Deadpool. What I mean to say is, we’d be fine even if Feige wants to reboot the story of Kingpin and Daredevil with the same actors.

What do you think about it? Should Feige and co continue Netflix’s Daredevil, or should they cast someone like the Big Show for Kingpin? Tell us in the comments.

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