DC: Fascinating Facts About Superman’s Suits

Facts About Superman’s Suits:   

Superman’s powerful costume is as well-recognized as the DC superhero himself. One glance at the blue cape and the Kryptonian symbol of hope “S” is enough to recall him. It is the signature red and blue costume that makes him recognizable even to non-comic book fans. Just like its owner, the cape has its own story to tell. It has been roped in numerous theories, controversies, and discussions. But today, we aim to separate fact from fiction and spill some beans about various aspects of the famous suit. Let us waste no more time in gathering secrets and tales that the cape has to offer.

 1. Influenced By Jewish

The “S” on Superman’s chest is a symbol of his Kryptonian clan, House of El. The logo was inspired by the Kryptonian symbol of hope. But the very name “El” is inspired by Jewish culture. The creators and writers of Superman over the years have been Jewish. “El” is a common suffix in Judaism such as Isra-el, and prophets like Dani-el and Samu-el. If we break Superman’s Kryptonian name, Kal-El then Kal would stand for vessel and El for God in Hebrew.

 2. The Purpose Of Cape

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It has been suggested by some observers that Superman donned a cape as it was essential while veering mid-flight, similar to the sail of a ship. Additionally, artists painted cape to animate Superman’s direction. However, Superman’s flight abilities were added in the later issues, yet he sported a cape from the beginning. The cape is said to have a historical value attached to it. Capes had always been a symbol of status and position throughout history as it was always seen on the army chiefs and generals. In order to pay tribute to the superhero who was deemed as Go, warrior, and a savior, he was bestowed with the signature cape.

 3. The Reason Behind The Controversial Underwear

Facts About Superman’s Suits

Even though the famous red briefs weren’t continued in Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, we can’t ignore its significance. Superman wearing his red underwear over his costume had been the talk of the town for longer than we can remember. Different people came up with different explanations and had a good laugh about it. Later in Action Comics #967, it was revealed that the briefs weren’t underwear but a design inspired by the Strongmen of the circus who belonged to the same time period of Superman comics. Later, DC updated Superman’s costume with the present times.

 4. Superman in Jeans

In DC’s rebooted issue of The New 52, Superman’s powers were significantly reduced and he donned a pair of jeans with a blue T-shirt representing the symbol “S”. Even though he didn’t possess the same powers that made him nearly invincible, Superman was still a hero and a savior for his people. He fought corrupted corporates, protested for social causes, and still looked up to by the citizens.

 5. Modifications of “S”

Facts About Superman’s Suits

Superman and his suits have been upgraded numerous times over the years. But the modifications weren’t limited to his powers as even the symbol “S” has undergone major changes. It is comprehensible that various artists experiment with the logos to keep up with modern times. The “S” that is considered as a Kryptonian symbol has changed its very shape for about 10 times. Even the shield bordering it has transformed from the triangle to a pentagon. Slight updates are inevitable but we hope that such drastic changes don’t dilute Superman’s identity.

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