Top 10 Movies that Almost Focus on Only One Actor

Movies Focus on One Actor:

You don’t need big budgets and several actors to make a compelling movie as the movies on this list prove that only a good script and one actor is enough. These movies prove that less is better. When it comes to survival, our spirit is the most effective weapon, and that is what these movies depict.

#10: The Shallows (2016)

Movies Focus on One Actor

This thriller is all about Blake Lively’s character Nancy, who is attacked by a great White Shark while surfing, and now must do everything in her power to survive the wrath of nature. The premise is simple and you’ll know what you’re getting into from the start. This movie uses fear effectively and the sheer sense of hopelessness is thrilling to watch.

#9: 1408 (2007)

In a bid to debunk supernatural phenomena, a writer stumbles upon the infamous room 1408, where things do not go as planned. Based on the work of Stephen King, 1408 is an amazing horror-thriller that majorly focuses on only John Cusack’s character. This movie is scary as hell and you’ll be scared of hotel rooms for the rest of your life.

#8: All Is Lost (2013)

This movie is all about one man’s fight against nature. It is a proper survival drama which follows a sailor, who uses his expertise to survive deadly waves after his boat meets with a collision. The movie is so intense and thrilling that you won’t even notice that this movie literally has only one character.

#7: Buried (2010)

Frankly speaking, after watching the trailer of this movie, we didn’t have any expectations from it. But this movie surprised us heavily with its thrilling narration. Being buried alive is one of the biggest fears of mankind and this movie proves it why. This movie is a claustrophobic nightmare, and Ryan Reynolds’ performance made this movie something you cannot miss.

#6: Wild (2014)

Movies Focus on One Actor

For all those who are looking for a solo hike, this movie is a perfect inspiration. It is based on a real story of a woman named Cheryl, who goes on a long hike to deal with a recent personal tragedy. This movie is slow, and it is made only for the people who like to deal with psychological troubles and like to live outdoors.

#5: Locke (2013)

Movies like Locke prove that movie-making is an art, and you can make an awesome movie, even with the most simplistic scripts. This movie is almost entirely set inside a car and features the magnificent performance of Tom Hardy. This movie is a rare achievement as it proves that a big budget is not required to make a compelling thriller.

#4: 127 Hours (2010)

This biographical survival drama tells the harrowing tale of Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who gets trapped under a boulder in a canyon, and there is no one else to help him. Even though there are a few other characters in the movie, it is all about James Franco, who does an excellent job. 127 Hours is a movie all about the undying human spirit.

#3: Moon (2009)

This mind-bending Sci-fi movie will always be remembered for Sam Rockwell’s stunning performance. You can feel the loneliness in his performance, enough to make anyone uneasy. It is one of the most original Sci-fi movies as it doesn’t rely on cheap CGI and explosions. It is filled with amazing twists and turns. You’ll never see it coming.

#2: I Am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend the King of Outbreak Movies

This post-apocalyptic thriller is based on the famous 1954 novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. It is set in a world where a terrible virus has wiped out almost all of humanity, and Will Smith’s character is the last human survivor in New York City. This movie is all about Will Smith, and he is the reason we love this movie so much. It also proves that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

#1: Cast Away (2000)

Movies Focus on One Actor

We have all imagined ourselves in a situation where we are stranded on a lonely island, and frankly, after watching this movie, we are better off in our cozy homes. Cast Away is all about Tom Hanks and his friend Wilson. It proves how traumatizing and gut-wrenching loneliness can be. We never knew basic survival could be so excruciating.

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