Most Complicated Hollywood Movies That Most People Didn’t Understand

Most Complicated Hollywood Movies:

The following movies in the list are so cryptic that watching them more only to decipher the plot will explode your head. These movies may have been watched by the world but very few could de-code what lied beneath the surface. However, watching these challenging films is always fun, and compel us to mull over it.

 1. Pi

Most Complicated Hollywood Movies

The audience turned to this psychological thriller to give themselves a kick in the brain but they ended the movie with a heavy head. The story about a mathematical genius who becomes a victim of paranoia that led to delusions. One day he comes across a mysterious number and bases everything in the world on it. His obsession with the number grows more and more as he realizes that some wicked Wall Street agents are after the number.

 2. Enemy

Most Complicated Hollywood Movies

A man who is tired of his own life spots his doppelganger in a movie, and decides to dig more into his life. Jake Gyllenhaal starrer Enemy is one of those mysterious stories that drops a new hint on you with every step but leaves your mind exploded in the next. Every clue tempts you to walk deeper into this puzzle only to leave you more dazed. Regardless of whether you comprehend the movie or not, it is a thriller that everyone must taste.

 2. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Complex Movies No One Gets

2001 is one of the most lauded sci-fi movies ever for its impressive special effects, and a concept that was ahead of its time. The movie is highly enjoyed by sci-fi space movie fanatics but it also renders itself as very confusing and trippy to some with its interconnected stories, dialogue less scenes and psychedelic visuals.

 3. Erasehead

A masterpiece with a grotesque visual but a deeper meaning, this movie seems like a weird dream. It’s about a man who marries his pregnant ex-girlfriend only to give birth to a reptile-like child who perpetually cries. The movie also includes odd elements like a lady with large cheeks who lives in a radiator, a bleeding chicken and large sperm cells. We bet that this movie would be one of the strangest you’ll ever see. The visuals manifest from the need to escape, the fear of fatherhood, and many more inner feelings.

  4. Memento

Most Complicated Hollywood Movies

An interesting thriller about a man who is in search of his wife’s murderers. That sounds like a common plot but there is a catch to this one. The lead character suffers from short-term loss of memory where he tends to forget the recent events. As compelling as it sounds, the chronology of the movie events and the man’s amnesia makes it less intelligible.

 5. The Matrix Revolutions


The Matrix Trilogy became a cult classic that mesmerized the viewers with its engaging plot and special effects. But its third installment took the complicated plot a few notches higher leaving the audience baffled with so many questions. Ranging from Neo’s fate to the outcome of the humanity vs machine war, none of the questions were addressed and the audience was left dissatisfied.

 7. Mulholland Drive

Mullholland Drive is a thriller brimming jaw-dropping twists and turns. It starts with an accident that leaves a woman amnesiac. Later she teams up with a Hollywood dreamer to unravel some groundbreaking mystery.

 8. Lost Highway

Most Complicated Hollywood Movies

As man encounters a stranger at party, the next moment he learns that his wife gets murdered and he is framed for it. The man manages to escape from the prison by turning himself into a mechanic. You need to succumb to the director’s world and drop logic in order to solve the movie. On a satisfying note, the hints scattered across the movie eventually lead up to an explanation. However, one needs to hang by the insane imagination to decode the movie.

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