Hollywood Celebrities and Their Animal Phobias

Hollywood Celebrities Animal Phobias:

Even though we see them as stars and out of this world, in the end, the celebs are also humans and as normal as we are. They enjoy reading, eating burgers, and wearing baggy t-shirts just like we do. Similarly, celebs also have the phobias that can make them jump and cringe. Even though, we admit that their phobias are a bit bizarre and shocking given the regular kinds of fears.

 1. Jake Gyllenhaal

Hollywood Celebrities Animal Phobias

The Nightcrawler actor has the fear of the adorable ostriches. He developed the fear from the sets of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time when someone warned him that the ostriches could tear and rip out one’s eyes and heart. Since then, the fear eventually grew into a strong phobia.

 2. Nicole Kidman

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Seeing Nichole in the dress of butterfly may mislead you. Unlike most of us who get excited and happy by catching the sight of a butterfly, Nichole would probably jump in fear. This aesthetic creature is a nightmare for the Australian actress who has a phobia of all sorts of insects. This fear of insects is called Lepidopterophobia.

 3. Eminem

Hollywood Celebrities Animal Phobias

The rapper may have dedicated his song Not Afraid to fight his inner demons but there are more things that he needs to fight against. Eminem is not just afraid but petrified of owls. Thanks to Harry Potter that most of us don’t share that fear.

 4. Orlando Bloom

After watching him play the braveheart roles in The Pirate of the Caribbean and The Lord Of The Rings, Orlando’s being afraid of something seems like an unlike event. But he is still a human in real life, not an elf, and can grow weird phobias. The actor will run in panic after spotting a pig at the sets of Kingdom of Heaven. He has swinophobia which means that he is afraid of pigs.

 5. Walt Disney

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We are grateful to this genius man for executing his ideas and giving us the pleasure of Disney.  But this is the most bizarre fear that you didn’t expect from the creator of Mickey Mouse. The great Walt Disney has a fear of mice. Only if we could also draw a fortune out from a sketch of our fears!

 6. Kristen Stewart

Hollywood Celebrities Animal Phobias

Unlike insects and mice, Kristen’s fear is quite big and has the least chance of getting in your contact or your shirt. The Twilight star grew the fear of horses since she was 9 years old as she fell from one and injured herself badly. But Equinophobia didn’t get in the way of the brave actress as she shot for Snow White and the Huntsman.

 7. Matt Damon

You can’t expect harmless creatures like owls or butterflies for Matt Damon. The action and thriller star from The Bourne Identity has a phobia against snakes. While most of us are afraid of the dangerous reptile, Jason’s fear lies on a higher level as he’ll freak out even at the sight of it. We wonder how he shot for We Bought A Zoo despite having Ophidiophobia.

 8. Justin Timberlake

Hollywood Celebrities Animal Phobias

Today, we learned two more things about the multi-talented Justin Timberlake. Now we know that he has Arachnophobia and that Spider-Man is not his favorite superhero. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

 9. Britney Spears

Britney is one of the bravest singers that we know of. To begin with, she performed with a giant snake live on stage which is not everyone’s cup of tea. But handling the snake was a bigger challenge for her as she has herpetophobia. It is a common fear of reptiles.

 10. Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood Celebrities Animal Phobias

For Black Widow who deals with Androids, aliens, and video calls a raccoon, a cockroach is almost invisible to her. But in real life, Scarlett would freeze in fear if she spots a cockroach. Adding to her worst nightmares as a katsaridaphobia, she woke up with a cockroach crawling over her face. We wonder about the scream and disaster that followed.


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