MCU: Hidden Details On Marvel Costumes You Missed

MCU: Hidden Details On Marvel Costumes- 

For comic book fans, one of the major reasons behind their excitement to watch superheroes on the big screen is their costumes. There is nothing like the mystery of what powers these superhero suits could hold in the movies. While our minds are occupied to explore the latest progress in their armors and suits, we often miss the little details on them. Here we have listed some awesome details that you might have overlooked in the movies.


Who is Behind

Hawkeye is not just an archer in the Avengers team who roams around big aliens, Gods, and AI with his bow and arrow. Apart from his mind-blowing combat skills, you must also know about his arrows.  His profession requires his arrows to be deadlier than they appear. They can throw blasts, hack into computers and androids, and also hold defense capabilities.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Hidden Details On Marvel Costumes

Any small detail on an insect’s uniform would have gone unnoticed even by the most meticulous eyes. But next time, look carefully into Ant-Man and the Wasp’s suit. They hold the ant and wasp symbol on their respective costumes.


It took Bruce Banner an embarrassing experience in the Age of Ultron to realize that his clothes get ripped off after turning into Hulk. After this mortifying episode, his friend and colleague Tony Stark made him a pair of stretchable pants with microfiber that would never tear off. This would save him from ending up naked on unknown grounds. We wish to get some of those too for our workout sessions.

 Captain America

Captain America Cut Scene in Avengers Infinity

What do you think would hurt more? A bullet or a punch from Thanos? Obviously Thanos! But our strong Captain America could withstand an attack from Thanos and rise back up. So it’s strange why a bullet in Captain America: The Winter Soldier would hurt him despite wearing a bulletproof costume.


Hidden Details On Marvel Costumes

Rocket is cool and tough on the outside but even he is capable of having emotions and getting attached. Despite his quibbles with Peter, they were teammates and like a family. After losing Peter to the snap, Rocket was seen donning Quill’s scarf the whole time in Avengers: Endgame.


The real artist who designed Spar-Man’s suit has revealed many exciting secrets about it. Like Iron-Man, even Spider-Man suit has seen some major advancement through movies. From a mere fabric mask to a real Iron-Spider suit with giant metal limbs, helmet, armors and parachute. The latest developments were witnessed in Far From Home. We saw 2 suits in the movie- the stealth suit and the red-black suit. He wore the Stealth Suit In Europe that was given by Nick Fury. The jaw dropping Red-Black suit was made by Peter on the Stark Jet. But the real designer of the suit has shared that there are many more additions and functions that are yet to be explored.

Bucky Barnes

Hidden Details On Marvel Costumes

Bucky’s suit was blue during his World War II days when he fought for the right side. But after Hydra kidnapped him, and brought him back from dead, they brainwashed him and painted both his soul and suit black. Thus, we got a Winter Soldier in his famous black suit. But if you notice carefully, as he trying to change now and redeem for his actions, his suit is back to blue again. Hence, the color of one’s suit has more meaning than what we see.

Iron Man

Epic Unused Armour Design From Iron Man 2

Apart from the ability to fly and shoot ballistics, the latest versions of Iron Man suits have more updates. Tony Stark added a heater, tracker, and parachute that kept him safe after his home was attacked and he landed on snow in Tennessee. We know how Iron Man suits have modified with each movie from a mere metal suit to a nano-tech operated suit. The latest version in the last films also showed that it could took telepathic commands.

Black Panther

Hidden Details On Marvel Costumes

Wakanda is always ahead from the rest of the world due to its state-of-the-art technology that can’t be matched by anyone yet. This gives his suit an advantage over others due its advanced tech and unparalleled powers. But there is more to his combat suit that doesn’t meet the eyes. The purple sentence with kinetic energy on the fierce superhero’s suit translates into “I Love You Mom”.

Captain Marvel

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

If you notice the star on Captain Marvel and on the rest of the Star Force members, you can easily distinguish hers. It was only Captain Marvel who had an 8-pointed star in the Star Force.

That’s not it! Comic readers would know that the different colored costumes that she tried before Monica were her looks at some point in the comics. Furthermore, her helmet/Mohawk style in the Endgame was in fact a reference to her comic book edition.

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