Well-Known Hollywood Celebrities Who Are INFJ Personality Type

Celebrities Who Are INFJ Personality:

If you follow the Myers-Briggs Indicator test, you must also be aware of its INFJ personality type. Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging (INFJ) are considered to be one of the rarest personalities comprising only 1% of the world population. They are referred to as the “idealist” or the “advocate”, and are found to be creative and compassionate. They are also private yet empathetic to others. INFJs are admired for their strong vision and high moral standards.

Some of the highly revered INFJs were Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.,Nelson Mandela and Eleanor Roosevelt whose names are inscribed in the pages of history for their work towards the greater good.

You can easily learn about your personality type by giving a test which available on various platforms. On discovering it, find out which celebrity you share you personality type with.

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 1. Cate Blanchett

Facts About Cate Blanchett

Cate is a fine actress who has many commercially hits and critically acclaimed movies under her belt. She can easily steal the show with her creative approach and powerful performance. In her latest Thor: Ragnarok, she had fixed all the spotlight on herself as a villain despite the presence of other famous actors. The passionate actress counts sharp observation as one of her skills.

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 2. Al Pacino

Facts About Al Pacino

Al Pacino is not a star but a titan of Hollywood whom everyone looks up to. His name is engraved in many bricks that have built the world of Hollywood. Eight time Oscar nominee and one time winner for the Best Actor in Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino is one of a kind. Hence, it’s hard to believe that in spite of the fame and power, he is extremely reserved and introvert. That’s why he is mostly spotted in sunglasses wherever he goes. Only if he knew the power and depth of his eyes!

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 3. Nicole Kidman

Facts About Nicole Kidman

Nicole has been a global face for years for her talented works in Eyes Wide Shut, The Others, Bombshell, Aquaman, Big Little Lies,  and so on. Despite her worldwide fame, Nicole has retained her down-to-earth and warm persona. The actress leads a private life on the suburbs of Australia where the paparazzi can’t reach her easily.

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 4. Edward Norton

This talented actor is counted in the most terrific actors list that can shake the screen with their performance. He is known for his work in Primal Fear, The Incredible Hulk, Fight Club, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Birdman. All the movies mentioned are the critically acclaimed ones, and that’s how his choice rolls. Edward can always be trusted for doing justice to his characters with the art that resides in his veins. The actor is also quite philosophical whose mere words have turned into quotes.

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 5. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is a global phenomenon who has inspired millions of women with her vision and strong personality. Her high emotional intelligence, communication skills, fight for social justice, and the fact that her journey is so relatable is the reason why she has earned so many people’s trust.

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 7. Adrien Brody

Celebrities Are INFJ Personality

It’s challenging to see through Adrian Brody who can transform himself into any role he is playing. His unique artistic skills leave us spellbound, and earn him critical acclamation. The Oscar winning actor’s passion can drive him to greater lengths to understand his movie characters. Adrien played a musician in The Pianist who was forced to hide in Warsaw, Poland away from his family during the plight of World War II. To fit well in his character’s shoes, Adrien broke up with his then girlfriend, and went to live in isolation for months without proper food and shelter.

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 8. Tilda Swinton

Another name with a mark of uniqueness on her belt! Tilda is a gift to Hollywood for her exceptional acting skills. Tilda is the chameleon of Hollywood who has shocked us with transformation in movies. When asked about her modus operandi, Tilda compared it with a military routine. She claims that she works like a soldier and has reaped the benefits herself.

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 9. Lady Gaga

INFJs always manage to stand out in the crowd for their distinctive qualities or personality. Talking about being unique, one of the many names that pop up in our mind is Lady Gaga who is confident with her quirkiness. Her unmatched singing and acting talents manage to compensate for her unusual fashion sense. She might not be bothered by her bold performances and the following comments, but it comes to her personal life, she enforces extreme measure to keep it private.

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 10. Daniel Day-Lewis

Celebrities Are INFJ Personality

Daniel Day-Lewis is another fine name that has dedicated itself to the power of art. Connecting to emotions and being sensitive come natural to the actor who uses this ability in his characters. He is one of the few names in the history who has won the Academy Award thrice for Best Actor in Lincoln, There Will Be Blood and My Left Foot. The way he gets under the skin of his character and transforms completely makes us shiver and drop our jaws. Lost in the world of acting, Daniel is very shy and hardly bothered by the fame.

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 11. Michelle Pfeiffer

Even though she is celebrated by millions all across the world, the actress lacks the feeling of belongingness. She believes that she is a complex yet a warm person, something that’s not surprising for an INFJ.

Other big celebrities who show INFJ traits are Mel Gibson, Taylor Swift, and Hillary Duff.

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Celebrities Are INFJ Personality

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