Famous Celebrities Who Are ENFJ Personality Type

Celebrities ENFJ Personality Type:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gives us a clearer understanding of various personality types. Anyone can give this test and learn about personality types on the basis of their perception, choices, and many more factors. One of the personalities of the Myers-Briggs is Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging ( ENFJ). They are extrovert, meaning that they get energized after spending time with people. They are also intuitive which motivates them to find the deeper meaning of things and to look at the bigger picture. Being the judging type, ENFJs choose to be structured and orderly in their lifestyles. If you are an ENFJ, find out which celebrity you share your personality with.

1. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew is well-known and loved in the industry for his exuberance. His exuberance makes him attractive and earns him friends easily. The same charisma and zeal is often manifested in his characters in the movies. Matthew is also one of the most versatile actors which is not an easy skill to achieve and maintain in the long run.

 2. Reese Witherspoon

From her initial days of Hollywood up till now, Reese has retained her essence of freshness. Hello Sunshine, the name of her media brand totally resonates with her. Reese is full of life and joy, whose bright smile can light up a room. Given her excellency in the acting career, and multitasking with motherhood, two business firms, and movies, Reese is the face of perseverance and power.

 3. Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrities ENFJ Personality Type

Lawrence is admired by her fans not only for her powerful acting on screen but also for her confidence in public. She took all the criticism and trolls in the initial phase of her career in stride and never deterred from being herself. It’s true that Jennifer can get clumsy sometimes but she has always carried and accepted herself gracefully. Her honesty and charm make her stand out in the crowd.

 4. Emma Stone

Celebrities ENFJ Personality Type

 Emma emanates ENFJ vibes with her cheerfulness and liveliness. Even though she owes her success to hard work and sincerity, they don’t overpower her zeal and fun aura.  Stone loves to appreciate every little thing in life and maintains an inquisitive mind that allows her to learn new and interesting things every day.

 5. Barack Obama

Donald Trump Marvel Cinematic Universe

It was Barack Obama’s optimism and vision that earned the trust of his vast number of supporters. He did the unprecedented thing by becoming the first African-American President of the U.S.A. He is a voracious reader and had the zeal to learn more. As an ENFJ he was a planner and strongly believed in his ideas and dreams rather than on facts. In spite of his power and knowledge, the former President was always down to Earth, compassionate, and maintained a witty disposition. He is fuelled with the determination and hope to bring a change and a better tomorrow.

 6. Johnny Depp

One needs a strong dose of confidence to pull out the weird costumes and characters that Johnny Depp has ever played. His comfort on the screen as any quirky character is an ENFJ trait. His inclination towards feelings than on facts has often played a huge role in pushing him to keep his heart on his sleeves. But when he sets his passionate mind on something, no one can dissuade or scare him.

 7. Kate Winslet

Celebrities ENFJ Personality Type

One of the top actors of Hollywood with global fame, Kate is quite genuine and humble. We love her as she doesn’t hesitate to speak and laugh from her heart. Kate also restores our faith in humanity by always stepping forward to help others. The brave actress once put her own life at risk by rescuing an old lady from a building that had caught fire.

 8. Ben Affleck

Celebrities ENFJ Personality Type

The diligent celebrity has earned fame and critical acclamation as an actor, director, and screenplay writer. He has been honored with the Academy Award twice for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay for Argo and Good Will Hunting, respectively. However, Ben is also infamous for enjoying the company of people and social gatherings a bit too much sometimes. Apart from his personal life, Ben is undoubtedly a talented and passionate man who has crafted some of the best works in Hollywood.

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