Logan [Wolverine 3] Awesome Plot Line Has Been Revealed

Logan a.k.a Wolverine has been gaining some much-needed traction these past few days. The film has remained very quiet on the press front since the film wrapped production in mid-August. James Mangold teased on his Twitter that something big would be coming up about the movie pretty soon, and it seems like it did.

Both Mangold and Hugh Jackman posted the first poster on their Twitter which also revealed the movie title-Logan along with a page of the Logan movie script. The Wrap has also just added a cherry on top of the Logan pie, or maybe its the other way around and revealed the supposed plot line of the third Wolverine movie.

According to the site, the movie will take place 2024, with the Old Man Logan story running through. It is darker than previous movies with Wolverine playing an old man with an alcohol problem. The man is sick, healing much slower and his powers are fading. The alcohol is helping to stave away the constant pain. Mutant births have also declined severely for mysterious reasons. A government type operation called “Transigen” has been turning mutant children into killing mercenaries.

Just as the poster revealed, Wolverine mentors a little girl who has two claws, instead of three like him. He is also taking care of a much older Professor X who is not mentally well. The professor’s powers are unstable and he cannot remember Wolverine/Logan. An albino mutant called Caliban is helping Logan take care of Professor X.
The movie has been given an R rating, being the second movie to garner such a rating in the superhero genre. The rating is also a good sign for the movie, as there would have been no particular restrictions like the other films had to suffer. A good sign for a potentially great movie.

Amy Fanai

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