Top 10 Most Shocking MCU Twists That No One Saw Coming

Shocking MCU Twists:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe would have perished a long time ago if not for its twists and turns. You cannot build a multi-billion-dollar franchise without taking some creative risks and the MCU is the perfect example of that. These twists shape this entire universe. You may not love some of these twists, but you can’t deny their shock value.

#10: Hawkeye has a Family

Hawkeye seemed like the last person who would settle down and have a happy family and that is precisely why everyone was shocked after it was revealed in the Age of Ultron that he has a secret family. A lot of fans were even upset with this storyline as they were shipping Clint and Natasha. This twist divided the entire MCU fandom.

#9: Mutants in MCU

Shocking MCU Twists

The Post Credit scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier sent everyone into a tizzy as Marvel did not have the rights to the X-Men at that time. No one expected to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the MCU and this twist was full of shock and awe. It hinted at something bigger at the time as we knew our beloved universe is going to expand substantially.

#8: Fat Thor

After the events of the Infinity War, everyone was relying on Thor to get into badass action and avenge the fallen. It was more than a bold choice to turn the Strongest Avenger into a fat hippy who plays Fortnite. Surprisingly the fans went with it as it made this universe a lot more realistic. Even the mightiest are prone to depression.

#7: The Vulture is Liz’s Dad

Michael Keaton is an intense actor and he owns the screen whenever he’s on. The scene where the real identity of the Vulture is revealed is spine-chilling. Until this moment Spider-Man Homecoming was a light movie, but the entire tone of the movie shifted. The tension shot up substantially and we were actually scared of the Vulture.

#6: HYDRA Survives

The Winter Soldier is one of the best movies in the entire MCU because it is full of shocking twists and turns. The entire fanbase was shocked when it was revealed that HYDRA is not only alive, it is stronger than ever and it has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. This twist had implications on the entire MCU.

#5: Ego The Celestial killed Peter Quill’s mom

Peter Quill is a fun-loving and charming character but the truth is he has suffered a lot of losses in his life. The fans were really happy for Peter when he found his father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and that is exactly why this twist sent shockers down our body. Turns out, Peter’s father is the reason behind the biggest tragedy of Peter’s life.

#4: The Mandarin is a Phony

Shocking MCU Twists

The fans of the MCU can be pretty intense and we witnessed that when Iron Man 3 came out. Mandarin is an intimidating Marvel villain in the comic books and when we found out that he is a fake in the movie, we just lost it. This twist generated a lot of controversy and the fans are still upset about ruining such an iconic villain.

#3: Thanos Wipes out half the Universe

Infinity War Thanos Snap

The Russo brothers openly claimed that Infinity War won’t be split into two movies and no one suspected a thing after that. But the reality was entirely different as Thanos won at the end of Infinity war and snapped half the universe out of existence, including several of our favorite Superheroes. The shock on the fans’ faces was visible from miles away and we had to wait an excruciatingly long year to see the ending.

#2: Bucky Killed Tony Stark’s Parents

Shocking MCU Twists

We all thought that all is well and hip between the Avengers when Tony showed up to help Cap after the Airport brawl. But no one expected what came after that. The Super Soldiers were already taken out by Zemo and the real Civil War between Cap and Tony was just about to begin. We all felt for Tony when it was revealed that it was Cap’s best friend Bucky, who killed Tony’s parents in the most gruesome manner.

#1: The Avengers Initiative

Iron Man was a huge risk for Marvel as Robert Downey Jr. had just made a comeback in the industry and no one expected him to do any good. Turns out it was the best decision Marvel ever made. The fans were already content with the movie but no one knew what’s waiting for them. When Nick Fury made an appearance in the post-credit scenes of Iron Man, the fans just lost it. That scene changed everything as that is right where the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was born.

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