10 Major Scoops That Reveal Key Details of Upcoming MCU Phase 5 Projects

For now, the news updates of the upcoming MCU projects have been put on a halt as Marvel isn’t really revealing the Phase 5 projects, and the Phase 4 slate has temporarily stopped production. So, the sources of news these days are nothing but rumors and scoops. Industry Insider Mikey Sutton has been a big source of scoops in the past couple of months. He was the first one who reported that Spider-Man is joining the MCU in Civil War. His scoops have been right in the past, and according to his sources, Marvel has had discussions about MCU projects of Phase 5 & beyond. So, here’s a compilation of 10 major scoops that have come from him.


Gambit Series  a Complicated Love Story

In one of Sutton’s scoops that came via Youtube Channel, The Cosmic Wonder, he reported that even though Fox couldn’t go through with their Gambit movie, the MCU has plans to make a Disney+ TV show out of it. A new actor will be chosen for the series as Marvel is looking for someone younger than Channing Tatum. And this series will have Rogue as an antagonist. It will be unique because Gambit & Rogue will be lovers and enemies at the same time. It’ll be interesting to see which other mutants will be a part of the series.

X-Men 1 – Line Up & Plot

Just recently, Sutton revealed that the first line up of X-Men will include Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Thunderbird Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Havoc and Storm, who is going to be from Wakanda. Professor X will run a school where some students will join him on missions while others will study and train. In one of his previous scoops, he stated that the mutant team will be travelling to the Savage Lands on a mission.

The big villain that the X-Men will fight at the Savage Lands is Sauron. Sauron is the alter ego of Dr. Karl Lykos. Lykos can turn into a freakin’ dinosaur. Other villains like Ka-Zar & Shanna the She-Devil will be introduced as well. But they won’t be the real big baddies. As always, someone else will be pulling the strings. And this time it’ll be none other than Mister Sinister.

Spider-Man 2099

The scooper reported that Sony & Marvel/Disney’s partnership is stronger than ever. It is so strong now that Sony is also planning to have TV shows of their characters on the Disney+ streaming service. And one of the shows that according to Sutton has been discussed is a Spider-Man 2099 set in the MCU. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it might just get announced by 2022 if Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 successfully introduces this character.

War Machine & Ironheart

Upcoming MCU Phase 5 Projects

We were wondering how Marvel was planning to have an Ironheart project without actually having Iron Man’s presence in it. Well according to Sutton, the plans are to actually have this series with War Machine. Rhodey’s character could get retired after appearing in this show while Ironheart will get her origin under Rhodey’s mentorship. And she will go on to join the Young Avengers.

Avengers 5 – Moon Knight

Marvel’s Big Plans for Moon Knight Avengers 5

Very recently, this new scoop about Moon Knight from Sutton was revealed by the Youtube Channel “Lords of the Long Box.” It stated that Kevin Feige doesn’t just want Moon Knight to be in the Midnight Sons, but he also wants him to be a part of the next Avengers line up. He wrote:

“As The Avengers evolve with more cosmic members such as Captain Marvel and soon Nova, Kevin Feige is seeking balance with some more grounded superheroes especially with Captain America no longer present. Moon Knight delivers streetwise grit to Earth’s Mightiest heroes with a bit of Doctor Strange weirdness as well.

Upcoming MCU Phase 5 Projects

According to my inside sources, Moon Knight is recruited into the Avengers not simply for his extraordinary abilities and fighting skills (which would be full display on his own Disney+ series), but the Avengers seek his knowledge of the Pharaoh, Rama-Tut from the Egyptian history who would later become Kang the Conqueror.”

So, Moon Knight’s knowledge about the past version of Kang will come in handy for the next Avengers film.


According to Sutton, Namor will first be introduced as an antagonist who will go up against Wakanda due to a misunderstanding. But after Black Panther 2, Namor will finally get his own solo film on the big screen. Marvel has been trying to get a Namor film made from a time even before Aquaman. And it will either be in Phase 5 or Phase 6 that we’d get this Namor movie.


Upcoming MCU Phase 5 Projects

Here’s what Sutton wrote about Nova in his scoop:

“Richard Rider has no idea as to what awaits him. After losing his home world Xandar to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, he was plucked by Nick Fury and the members of SWORD.”

Apparently, according to the scoop, Richard Rider will not be someone from Earth. But unlike the comics, he will actually be a survivor of Xandar who has now been recruited by Nick Fury & SWORD. His debut might happen in Captain Marvel 2 or the SWORD series coming to Disney+, and then he will star in his own film – “Nova: The Human Rocket” (because Xandarians look like humans).


This will be a major cosmic event of the future. This will be the real Avengers like event that will take place in space. Nova is supposed to be a part of this space team which will also include other characters including Adam Warlock. Here’s what Sutton specifically wrote about Warlock:

“He was supposed to be perfect, but in the MCU Adam Warlock will be an epitome of physical beauty on the outside and flawed on the inside. He is rumored & has even been teased to debut in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Marvel Studios have been wanting to introduce “him” (Adam Warlock’s original name – Him) for quite a while, but there simply wasn’t enough space & time in Infinity War even though it was the logical entrance for him based on the comic book continuity. Adam Warlock’s MCU debut is shrouded in mystery, however his destination has leaked.

Upcoming MCU Phase 5 Projects

Marvel Studios is seeking to drop “Annihilation” on their millions of fans with Warlock & Nova among their primary leads. This will not be their first appearance, but rather it’s where he is headed. In this proposed epic, Adam Warlock & Nova will collaborate with other cosmic superheroes including Quasar, Moon Dragon and Captain Marvel again Annihilus, Galactus & Terrax the Tamer. The project is in the earliest stages of discussions, so it remains to be seen how closely it will echo its comic book predecessor. According to inside sources, this might not be an Avengers movie, but simply focus on the MCU star hopping characters. However, Adam Warlock & Nova will play a huge role in this project, one that was recently denied [in Infinity War & Endgame].”

This could turn out to be the biggest movie of the MCU if this scoop turns out to be legitimate.

Secret Wars & X-Men vs. Avengers

Secret Wars is supposed to be quite far away for now. This will be the event where various Universes of the Multiverse will collide. So, we will see multiple versions of the same heroes. Doctor Doom will be built up as the big bad in this major event. This is the project from where Magneto will start to have a major role. Magneto in the MCU won’t be an outright villain as he’d be an Anti-hero. He will lead the heroes into battle against Doctor Doom. And after this film, Magneto will lead the mutants against the Avengers in an X-Men vs. Avengers movie.


Upcoming MCU Phase 5 Projects

Back in February, Sutton also stated that Marvel’s strongest hero, the Sentry is getting his own MCU Series. It’ll be interesting to see how a Super Powered being like Sentry will be handled in the MCU which will already have so many gun superheroes by Phase 5.

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