10 Famous Hollywood Stars Who Criticized The MCU

Hollywood Stars Criticized MCU:

The bigger the fame, the more lovers and haters you gain. And that’s certainly the case for Marvel Studios which is recognized worldwide and has shattered the world box office several times. Being starred in an MCU movie can be a lifetime opportunity for many actors across the world. But not everyone shares the same fandom and likeness for the global franchise. Over the years, there have been some Hollywood personalities who have voiced their opinions about the studios. Find out what they had to say.

 1. Mel Gibson

A superstar like Mel Gibson whose forte is action roles is not an MCU fan. Given his expertise on the subject, he took the liberty to critique the measures adopted by MCU in the field of action and violence. According to the Mad Max star, MCU uses aimless and meaningless violence.

 2. Idris Elba

Idris Elba

The British star is a highly respected actor in his field of work. He has a huge demand in the industry & known for many popular movies. But playing Heimdall in the Thor franchise had disappointed the actor due to the short screen time and the insignificance of his character in the movie. He was also not comfortable with the sticky hair, the helmet, and the harness that were required for his character.

During his time in the MCU, he kept insisting on his agent to get him out of the franchise. In an interview, he said

“And in the actual scene, my hair was different, my… [Sigh] I was like, ‘This is torture, man.

I don’t want to do this.’…”

 3. George Takei

Hollywood Stars Criticized MCU

The Star Trek actor called out at MCU for its lack of inclusivity. He was not happy when MCU cast Tilda Swinton for The Ancient One as the character was an Asian. He criticized the studios for its white casting. But some defended the point by stating that MCU wanted to keep out of China-Tibet controversy, and also avoid stereotyping. In the comic books, The Ancient One hailed from the mountains of Tibet.

 4. Edward Norton

Hollywood Stars Criticized MCU

Apart from Terrance Howard, another actor who had a tiff with the studios was Edward Norton who primarily played Hulk in the MCU. He and the makers were at loggerheads over creative issues and the script throughout the productions. It escalated to a point that he refused to attend the promotions of The Incredible Hulk. All the fuss got him replaced by Mark Ruffalo for Avengers.

 5. Jodie Foster

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The Silence of the Lambs actress also had a few words for Marvel Studios. She is a critically acclaimed actor who has won 2 Academy Awards, three British Academy Awards, and two Golden Globe awards. She believes that MCU lacks good content which ultimately ruins the standard for the audience. Furthermore, she also said that MCU lowers down the intellectual quality to attract masses.

 6. Simon Pegg

The Shaun of the Dead co-writer and actor shared the opinions as those of Jodie Foster. According to him, MCU content has been dumbed down for the audience. He also strongly feels that MCU should stop focusing on meaningless and unrealistic robotic fights and throw light on the real issues. Well, his words on having moral meanings and real issues as themes in movies make sense, especially in today’s crisis in the world. Robots and aliens are not what we are fighting today. The real enemy is not so imaginary nor that far away.

 7. Terrance Howard

Oscar Nominee, Terrance Howard was the hope for MCU and Robert Downey Jr.’s credit that time was not reliable. The production was against casting RDJ but the director convinced them. But the success of Iron Man and RDJ’s outstanding performance stole Howard’s spotlight. Not only that, but Howard’s promised fees was deducted for upcoming sequels to compensate for RDJ’s increased salary. This cut in paycheck led to a huge fall out between Terrance & MCU, and as a result, he left the franchise.

 8. Christopher Eccleston

Hollywood Stars Criticized MCU

Another A-list actor who regretted working in Thor franchise was Christopher Eccelston. He appeared as the main villain, Malekith, in Thor: The Dark World. He claimed that the heavy makeup and its 6-hours of preparation before the shoot were not mentioned in the contract.  According to sources, he also added that the makeup and prosthetics made him want to kill himself.

 9. Chloe Bennet

The Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D actress said that MCU treated its series cast as stepchildren. We can’t disagree as the stories, superheroes and characters from the Marvel TV series were never mentioned in the movies even though they work at SHIELD.

 10. Dave Bautista

Hollywood Stars Criticized MCU

When the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn was fired from MCU for an offensive tweet that he posted years ago, it didn’t go down well with actor, Dave Bautista. The Drax actor sided with James and didn’t shy away from being vocal about it. He also encouraged his co-stars like Chris Pratt to take a stand for James Gunn. The studios had to finally concede and re-hire Gunn.

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