Here’s How Wolverine Actually Wore His Famous Suit In Logan

When it comes to comic book characters being transformed into film characters, certain character tropes are shed. Whether it’s their costumes, their relationships or even their own powers, there are just so the thing that just does not work for the big screen. Of course, hardcore fans would rather have their beloved comic book heroes enter film just as they are since they see them with a devoted admiration. And when it came to Wolverine, fans wanted their hero in the famous yellow suit.

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Bryan Singer, the writer, and director of X-Men had other things in mind. He changed the entire costume palette of the X-Men from their comic book costumes, simply because the color just did not translate to real life. Wolverine would have been laughed out of the theater if he had worn his yellow suit. The translation into films had to be convincing and relatable, and the costume was not relatable to a movie audience. That being said, complete fans are still hopeful that the one element of Wolverine that will finally make his transition to completely.

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Hugh Jackman teased fans recently of the possibility of seeing the original suit in the final movie Logan. There were speculations of it being just a lead on, as director Singer has been known to do with past movies. But it looks like Jackman stuck to his word.The actor had posted a picture of a Wolverine figurine in costume which did indeed make the cut in the film.

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In the last act of Logan, one of the children who is also a fellow test subject like Laura aka X-23 is seen holding the Wolverine figurine.This may have been from the years when the X-Men were as famous for their team and their acts of heroism. The scene may not be exactly what fans were hoping for, but Mangold and Jackman have slyly given every hope that fans have and made them come true…just not in the way they had imagined it.

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