Thanos Just Lost The Strongest Infinity Stone Of the Comics, And It’s Not The One You Think!

Thanos is well-known in the universe as the collector of the Infinity Stones. In the recent issue of Silver Surfer Rebirth, Thanos is doing the same. But here, he has lost an Infinity Stone that might be the weakest in the MCU but is the strongest in the comics. If you are wondering, the strongest Infinity Stone is not the Time Stone or the Power Stone, but the Reality Stone. Keep up with the post to find more about this storyline.

MCU introduced the Infinity Stones back in 2011, but they have existed in the comics since 1972. Since then, they have been the sole focus of Thanos (except for uniting with Death, of course). Over the years, in many storylines, Thanos has gone after the stones, destroying anyone who tries to stop him. And every time Avengers came between Thanos and his Godhood, he has proven to be a formidable villain. But in the recent Silver Surfer Rebirth #2, Thanos lost the Reality Stone and according to him, it’s the strongest one. How can you do it, Chins?!



The comic issue opens up with the Silver Surfer gliding across the universe as a free man. He has recently broken free from the shackles of his master, Galactus. And he finds himself face to face with Mar-Vell, who has been dead for a long time now. And just as he grasps the hold of the situation, a bright flash of white light pulls him before Thanos. Apparently, he had called him for a favor.


After an epic showdown between the Mad Titan and Norin Radd(Silver Surfer), Thanos reveals his true intentions. He didn’t want to kill Radd or even hurt him, instead, he wanted his help to find the Reality Stone. Thanos asks him

Does it trouble you? Do you perhaps question reality itself?

He then tells him that the Reality Gem, which Adam Warlock had trusted him with, had been stolen. So, the very thread of reality is now in danger. But this is not what interests us. But it is the thing that he said before saying the Reality Gem.

The most powerful of them all, the Reality Gem, [Adam Warlock] entrusted to me.


Strongest Infinity Stone

In the comics, contrary to what we see in the MCU, the Infinity Gems are much more powerful and dangerous. That is why, to keep anyone from finding them all, Adam Warlock scattered them. He distributed them among the people he trusted the most or knew that they would protect the stone with their life. Subsequently, the Reality Gem was handed down to Thanos, which he has lost now. What makes it worse is the abilities of the Reality Gem in the comics.


Strongest Infinity Stone

The Reality Gem is the strongest of all the Infinity Gems in the comics. The stone gives its user the ability to travel between different realities. And even to generate a reality of its own. The Gem even lets the user defy the very laws of physics. Impressive, right?! Whereas, in the MCU, the stone’s abilities were limited to manifesting fake realities for a short time. Other than that, Thanos used the stone against the Guardians of the Galaxy on Knowhere. He used it to disassemble Darx and Mantis into blocks and paper roll, but that was only temporary. Not a good way to put someone down if you don’t want them to disrupt your plans!

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