Highest Grossing Non-MCU Superhero Movies at The Box Office

Non-MCU Superhero Movies:

For the last two decades, MCU movies have been shattering box office records the most. The latest one being Avengers: Endgame that beat Avatar’s record by earning a whopping amount of $2.79Billion. A new MCU release always brings in higher revenue than the previous one. However, you will be surprised to know that there are some non-MCU superhero movies too that successfully broke the box office. We have ranked the top 10 highest-grossing non-MCU movies at the box-office.

 10. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Non-MCU Superhero Movies

X-Men may not have met our expectations always and even confused us multiple times with its messed up timeline. But we are bound to agree that the franchise did make a strong presence in Hollywood and in our minds. Unlike its other disasters, Days of Future Past focused on tapping on the best parts of the X-Men world. It was the highest-grossing X-Men movie that banked $747 Million.

 9. Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the very few best things that Fox ever produced to us in the X-Men franchise. In fact, Deadpool has become its own entity and the only franchise of Fox that Disney will not drop. It has captivated a strong and loyal fan base. The secret ingredient for its success was the unusual wit and sarcasm that’s rarely found in a superhero or antihero movie. To top it all, Ryan Reynolds playing the laid-back mercenary is the best thing that ever happened to us. Deadpool collected about $800 Million at the box office.

 8. Venom

Non-MCU Superhero Movies

For an anti-hero movie to be a hit without a trace of the superhero in the film is a bigger achievement than it appears to be. Though, their fans who were expecting Spider-Man cameo or crossover but didn’t get it were also won over. In fact, with Tom Hardy’s strong screen presence, everyone was occupied with nothing but Venom. The movie may not have garnered critics’ praises but in the theatres, it earned about $800 Million.

 7. Wonder Woman

Non-MCU Superhero Movies

Gal Gadot might be Wonder Woman on screen but the real Wonder Woman behind the screen was the director, Patty Jenkins. Keeping aside the comic book and studios wars, Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling adventurous movies. Diana’s character was portrayed as a true hero for her bravery and compassion. The movie went on to make $821 Million and we can’t wait for its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984.

 6. Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Non-MCU Superhero Movies

Batman Vs Superman was a highly anticipated movie among DC fans. But Zack Snyder’s dark theme and lack of a good story failed to impress fans. Regardless of the disappointment, it earned quite a profit of $870 million against a budget of $300Million.

 5. Spider-Man-3

Spider-Man hadn’t always been under the umbrella of MCU and Disney. This one was helmed by Sam Raimi and starred Tobey Maguire. He was the first on-screen Spider-Man whom we remember won worldwide popularity. The highest-grossing movie in the franchise was this Sony’s Spider-Man 3 collecting about $890 Million.

 4. The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan

So far, this Batman franchise by Nolan happens to be the best and unbeatable. Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger are strongly engraved in our minds. The Dark Knight franchise attracted non-comic fans as well because of its realistic approach. It showed Batman and Joker-like humans and used no “magical nor superpowers” throughout. The Dark Knight franchise was dark, spine chilling, and carried powerful suspense that matched everybody’s palette. To date, the franchise is considered one of the most epic superhero franchises. In fact, Ledger received a posthumous Oscar for the Joker in The Dark Knight. The success of the first part did half the marketing for the sequel thus pushing the earnings to $1Billion.

 3. Joker

Best Drama Movies

This Academic Award nominee took everyone by storm by running the DC villain’s life in parallel with reality. The movie had catered to a wider range of audience regardless of whether they follow DC Comics or not. It had rawness in it, depicting the cruelty of the bullying world that descended down Arthur Fleck to become the Clown of Crime, Joker. It was a huge success and earned about $1.074Billion worldwide.

 2. Aquaman

There is a reason why everyone is anticipating the rebooted DCEU to overtake the upcoming MCU Phase 4 and 5. No one had expected that the debut of Aquaman would shatter the box-office with $1.14 Billion. The engaging and twisting plot, electrifying adventure, and the cast performance were highly lauded. Not to forget, the impressive special effects made our jaws drop and left a lasting impression.

 1. Incredibles 2

Best Disney Pixar Movies

Contrary to popular beliefs that expected a DC or X-Men movie at the top spot, this one is a Walt Disney- Pixar collaborated animation. The Incredibles is one of the biggest superhero franchises. The success of the first installment encouraged more audience and loyal fans to go for the second part. The revenue earned for the sequel was hence double the previous one amounting to $1.24Billion.

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