MCU Theory: Ultron is Alive & Did Not Die in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron was a sequel which was great fun and totally action-packed, but compared to the other two Avengers movies, it was a film that Marvel may like to forget. It had an insane hype to live up to as people were expecting it to perform even better than the first one both critically, and at the Box Office. But as it turned out, it did not manage to live up to the hype we had built, and surely did not do justice to the storyline of Ultron.

Avengers: Age of Ultron MCU Theory

Ultron is one of the most complex threatening villains of the Marvel Universe, and killing him off just like that just didn’t feel absolutely right. We were supposed to see the “Age of Ultron,” but what we got was merely a week of Ultron. Even Infinity War referenced the first Avengers movie in many ways, but there were no throwbacks to Age of Ultron.

We understand that Thanos was responsible for the battle of New York in the first movie, so that had to have a major connection in Infinity War, but Marvel has to connect him into the mix somehow. Avengers 4 needs to have a tie into the second Avengers movie, especially upon the horrifying vision that Tony saw.

Well, an MCU fan on Reddit who goes by EmperorJoker has posed a theory that states he to still be alive in the MCU. His theory could be an amazing way to bring him back as the villain who could be of a great support to Thanos. We know that the Mad Titan is going to be shorthanded against the army of heroes that will assemble against him, so perhaps we could get other villains with the likes of Ultron to join him.

Here’s how he could be alive according to the redditor:

“So this is my initial theory about Ultron and why I believe he is not dead. First off he’s not a human he’s a living AI with free will. I believe he lives inside of Vision or kept/had a single drone stay out of the fight. Literally that’s all he had to do. He didn’t have to do anything fancy he just had to have one body or drone stay out of the fight.”

Marvel Comics Hydra

He then goes on to explain how Ultron could be alive within Vision. Well, Ultron did manage to upload himself into Vision enough for him to take control later on as Hydra did with SHIELD, the Skrulls will do with Earth & Darkseid would have done with Cyborg (in an alternate Universe). The theory continues:

“On to my theory about how he could be inside or might actually be Vision. I believe he uploaded himself inside of Vision like a virus and he was why Vision developed a romantic interest in Wanda. In Age of Ultron it’s clear Ultron and Wanda have a strange sort of connection and he even expressed concern for her. I think maybe he some how predicted Thanos coming and he realized he wouldn’t have to do anything to realize his goal and instead opted for being with Wanda via Vision. I like this idea because it really adds depth to Ultron and adds to his agency.”

Then the theorist concludes his amazing theory by claiming that there are multiple ways in which he could be brought back:

“The reason I believe he’s alive because as stated he’s not human or even organic. There are so many ways he can be alive. He could even be recovered by some random computer geek who finds one of his heads. Ultron was steps ahead of them all I find it hard to believe he is really dead and didn’t plan a contingency for his demise.”

Well, the Vision theory, in particular, would be a great twist that people would not see coming. But I think that Ultron will be brought back, but not as a villain. Tony has to be the MVP according to what Doctor Strange set up, and I think that he will somehow use Ultron as the way he was intended to be used in the first place. Having seen how things went horribly wrong in Age of Ultron, Tony will probably learn from his mistakes now, and he will bring back Ultron to fight off against Thanos!

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