All The Gods of Pirates of The Caribbean Series – Ranked

Gods of Pirates of The Caribbean Series:

The Pirates of the Caribbean series has a lot of ships, pirates, and is filled with mythology. The fans of the franchise know nothing about the Gods and Goddesses of the franchise. Maybe one or two of you know a few but did you know that the Pirates of the Caribbean series has Gods from Ancient Greece, Egypt, Caribbean islands as well as the mighty Aztec Civilization?

 10. Palaimon

Palaimon is of neither Voodoo nor the Aztec Pantheon. Palaimon’s origins hail from Mount Olympus. Palaimon and his mother were once mortals. When his family harbored Dionysus, they incurred the wrath of Hera. Palaimon’s father was driven into a fit of uncontrollable rage by Hera and Palaimon and his mother were forced to jump off a cliff and into the sea to save themselves. And thus Palaimon and Leucothea were born. Palaimon has the power to absorb the life forces of others. His tactic is to lure unsuspecting sailors onto his trap and drain them of their life energy. That is how Palaimon kept himself forever young. His luck ran out when the Spanish Armada captured him and made him their prisoner. Palaimon escaped by absorbing the life forces of the entire crew of the ship he was incarcerated in.

 9. Chantico

Chantico is the Azrtec Goddess of Fire. Early Aztec people used to feed prisoners as sacrifices and offerings to the powerful Aztec Goddess. She is said to live within the active volcano on Isla Esqueletica. Chantico was once a powerful Goddess but she last lost many of her followers and is now just a shadow of her former self. She appears as a bright fire that never dies no matter how much water is spilled over it. Chantico can also shape-shift. With the help of Jack Sparrow and Tia Dalma, Chantico once vanquished the Time Keeper and undid the damage done to the fabric of space, time, and reality.

 8. Ogun

Ogun is one of the Orsihas in Voodoo culture. The Orishas are divine spirits that protect the afterlife and guide spirits to the world above and below. Ogun came from the Yoruba Belief System. He is the God of the Hunt, the Wheel of Justice, and Weapons. Blacksmiths that make the swords in the Caribbean islands who are descendants of natives of the land have Ogun as their patron. It is said that Ogun grants a warrior his blessing if the warriors offer meat to the deity. Pirates worship Ogun so that his blessing will protect their weapons and stop them from breaking down in the midst of battle. Ogun is also the Voodoo God of War and Conflict so his name is chanted by Voodoo practitioners before they go to battle. Ogun is also fond of rum and is a terrific womanizer.

 7. Apedemek

Apedemek is an ancient God hailing from the old Egyptian Era. Once worshipped by residents of the Kush, Apedamek instructed his followers to leave their old land and travel westwards. The City of Kerma was founded after Apedamek’s people traveled west, found the Atlantic Ocean, and built ships to travel further into the Americas. They took with them their most sacred possession – the Green Stone of Power and set it in a labyrinth under a massive temple city that was called the Heart of Zerzura. Apedemek can change forms and is a largely benevolent God. The Green Stone of Power encases the City of Kerma with a massive fog that has mystical properties.

 6. Atlas

Gods of Pirates of The Caribbean Series

Atlas is a Greek Go hailing from ancient times. He predates even Zeus and Hercules. As a primordial Titan, Atlas was a member of the invincible Titans, the first ruler of the Worlds. Atlas is also the father of Calypso, the Queen of the Wine-Dark Seas, feared by all sailors and ships. In Greek Mythology, Atlas has a strength that surpasses everyone. And so he is charged with one purpose which is also a curse – he has to lift the sky up forever. Atlas is the only God in this list who was only passively mentioned within the Pirates of the Caribbean Universe, never making an official appearance within the franchise games, movies, or other merchandise.

 5. Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi is the Guardian of the Cemeteries. He is also the Angel of Death and the After-Life in the Voodoo Culture. Baron Samedi is the God of Death as well as Resurrection. Any being trying to pass from the realm of the dead to the realm of the living must be granted permission by Baron Samedi. He often appears skeletal and wears a tuxedo over-coat and a Top Hat along with round dark glasses. Baron Samedi also grants his followers with magical abilities like healing and resurrection as long as they are willing to pay the price.

 4. Triton

Gods of Pirates of The Caribbean Series

The Son of the legendary Greek Sea God Poseidon, Triton is a being of very powerful stature and reputation. Just like his father, Triton rules the seas and is the King of the Waves. While he may not be as powerful as his father, Triton is still a force to be reckoned with. It was Triton who was said to have sunk the Mythical City of Atlantis after the citizens of the island nation welcomed his wrath through their blasphemous acts. Triton carried a Sword with him called the Sword of Triton. Whoever held the sword would get total command of the seas. Mortals could only unlock a part of their ability. The Sword of Triton allowed Blackbeard and Hector Barbossa to control their ships as if they were an extension of their bodies.

 3. Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl is a fearsome God with an equally fearsome reputation within the Aztec Mythology.  Quetzalcoatl is the King of all Aztec Gods and is shown to be a feathered serpent that can crawl as well as walk on two legs. Quetzalcoatl is the God of the Under-World. He has dominion over the dead. He is also capable of inflicting powerful curses. If somebody is foolish enough to invite his wrath, Quetzalcoatl can downright smite the guy to smithereens. Captain Torrents, who had a tattoo of Quetzalcoatl on his chest, angered the Aztec God King and he put a curse on him that made bad weather follow Captain Torrents wherever he went.

 2. Calypso

Calypso is the beautiful Sea Goddess and the Daughter of Atlas, a Greek Titan from Primordial times. Calypso is a heathen God that is loved and feared by all seamen. She usually takes the form of crap, which is her call sign. Calypso once fell in love with Davy Jones and made her the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, the ferryman of souls to the After Life. Davy Jones was betrayed by Calypso and then he later plotted along with the Brethren Court to turn Calypso into a mortal being and take away her Godly powers. Calypso can also be a very vengeful Goddess that reflects her domain of the wild and fickle seas. When she realized that it was Davy Jones that had betrayed her and told the Brethren Court about how to imprison her as Tia Dalma, she summoned a supermassive storm in the midst of the sea as an act of ultimate revenge to kill everyone in sight.

 1. Poseidon

Poseidon is the Legendary King of the Seven Seas. He is a God and one of the holy trinity of the Greek Pantheon – the other two being Zeus and Hades. Poseidon carried with himself the infamous Trident of Poseidon. The Trident of Poseidon had the power to command the waves, the tides, cause Earthquakes and tsunamis that could wreck ships within seconds, as well as summon the mighty Kraken to devour anyone. Poseidon has a son named Triton, along with the Goddess of the Seven Seas called Amphitrite. Poseidon is the most powerful God on this list for a reason. He is more powerful than Calypso in all aspects. Poseidon can also command all the creatures that reside in the Seven Seas with the help of his Trident, which has the power of mind control over the sea Folk.

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